Not Welcome On WattPad.


The thing is you have to advertise yourself. Be more active, comment on others works, and definitely try out the whole free reviewing thing many people offer. That way you gain more exposure, at least that is what I observed by using this platform.
And don’t give up, you do get a better result in the end. If you are truly passionate, which I am sure you are, you will meet your goal.
Plus, beside WattPad perhaps you should try other platforms too.
And try giving some of your work to magazines or whatever like submit it to them and see if you get to publish it. Like by sending it to newyorker magazine etc.


Sounds about right :joy: Beyond that, no idea how the American school system works xD


From what I heard, it’s quite messed up and very capitalism-based


The user has already stated that they feel like advertising makes them “not earn their reads” and that they don’t want to socialize, so it’s good advice, but it’s been tried and cast aside over and over again on this thread by the OP :woman_shrugging:


That’s what I’ve heard too, but I don’t know much.


Yeah, they don’t seem to be the best thing for students and they seem to bear a lot more weight on things then exams do over here


Why is it so difficult for me to engage in a thread and not be attacked for daring to oppose the narrative of the majority?

Meh, I give up.

Previous threads already made me considered staying off of here, but this is solidifying it for me.

I’ll stay off the forums. The more I’m on here, the less I want to be on wattpad. I don’t have this issue on any other forum site, but it’s almost like the typical rules for debate and discussion don’t apply here.

I’ll say this though. You could have just asked. I wouldn’t mind explaining. I’m not even born and raised in the mainland US.


You just described America.


I just get fed up with all the arguments here. The people always come with laws from the US, cases that happened in the US, incidents in the US, school systems in the US, holidays in the US, this in the US, that in the US. I want to hear things from Brazil, from South Africa, from Germany, from Finland, from Malaysia, from China, from Kazachstan - you name it


I have admitted more than once that I’m likely being unreasonable and ridiculous. Plus, there is still the problem of I have too many non-WattPad books (and other things not related to read-writing) that I don’t have the time to pour down the black hole of reading book after book on the site.


I feel admittedly a little conflicted, because on the one hand, you are kind of coming off as one of those people on video game forums who, on a post where someone is saying, “This part is IMPOSSIBLE! HOW DO I GET PAST IT?!”, you say something to the effect of “It was super easy for me. I don’t know what your problem is. Maybe you should just get better at the game.”

On the other hand, I am getting the feeling that you are genuinely trying to offer real advice, and your advice mostly makes sense.

Bottom line: You’re right, debates are better than arguments, but I just think something about the way you present yourself and your statements triggers a certain response in some people.


Final points before I jump out.

I didn’t know that. I didn’t think the thread would still be going if OP wasn’t even at least interested in taking tried and proven suggestions.

Let me adjust that to be “at a level most teens are willing to read at.” There’s a reason YA is extremely popular with adults, and it’s because it’s “easy reading.”

Absolutely agreed in the sense that the algorithm can choose you. I shouldn’t currently be one of 17 recommended profiles to new wattpad users, but I am. There’s no real rhyme or reason to that.

I also agree that advertising is more important than anything else. My success is something that I wholeheartedly believe I built myself, and without my efforts I’d probably only have 1,000 reads right now.

I think that’s about all I had to say in response, and anything else is just water under the bridge.


I think your analogy works, but I’m not saying get better at the game. I’m saying USE YOUR BOOSTER, and it’s like everyone else is like, no boosters are for newbs, and I’m like why complain then?

I am genuinely trying to offer the advice I wish I could have read when I was reading strategy guides ~2 months ago.

You’re right. I think it’s because I don’t believe in joining threads to agree with the OP. That’s what hitting the like button is for. Meh, it is what it is. Maybe abandoning the forum will be a radical act of self-care that gets me through my current writer’s block. Time will tell.

Good luck though.


2400… yeah, that would be me. Technical brilliance is one thing, but I still don’t get to be good at everything without practice. Writing is something I do, specifically, in order to get better at it.

And my approach is a poster for how NOT to do it:

I don’t tweet. I don’t facebook. I don’t ask my personal friends or family to read or vote. I’m not part of a writers club that meets regularly to read each others’ work. I don’t do read-for-reads. I do check people’s profile when they follow me, but I don’t follow back unless I find something there that I specifically want to read. I write adult fiction that’s not erotica. I write science fiction using actual hard science. My heroes aren’t children or teenagers (well, at least not except in flashbacks), aren’t rebelling against their culture’s traditions against steep odds, don’t always win, and when they do they don’t get to save a whole lot more than their own family or their own hometown.

Have I chased everybody away yet? Heck, it gets better. When something is complete and I’m satisfied with it, I notify people who’ve been reading it or follow me, but a couple of weeks later I take it off Wattpad.

Because all I want out of Wattpad is feedback from a few people who do read my books before I shop them around to agents and publishers. I couldn’t care less about being “popular” on here.


I find that Wattpad in general has become very disheartening when it comes to monetizing some of their authors but not all of them.
Mostly because when you go to discover to find something to read, the first things that are forced in your face are the ones that people are making money off of and everyone else’s have just been buried in the overwhelming force feeding of the books that they are selling.

It kind of pisses me off because I feel like Wattpad could very easily present themselves like YouTube, where everyone has the opportunity to make money off of their work, or they should do nobody makes money off of their work. It’s incredibly unfair towards the people who don’t get that chance to get on that top row of the discover page. And therefore most works are unseen.

I still think about the good old days where there were so many ways to search for books and find undiscovered works.

We have to remember that wattpad really doesn’t care about us. They care about money and not the satisfaction of the users. Just like Quotev and Tumblr have started to do with their recent/not too recent updates.


Sorry, must have slipped out of mind.
But at the end of the day according to me there is no earning reads going on here.
You just wish for someone to check out your work. And if the person wants to, they do it. So technically, you just put out there that “hey I wrote this and this etc.”. That way then brands would never release visual advertisements because they did not earn the customers.

Anyway, I get what you are trying to say. I think I ranted a lot unnecessarily, do ignore if I did.


Oh, by the bye for people who care what the SATs actually are:

Way back in the wayback, when I took them, they were the “Scholastic Aptitude Tests” and, mostly, they were a test of IQ, math and verbal skills, which were considered likely to predict one’s success in college or university studies.

A few years later, they changed their focus and became the “Scholastic Achievement Test” and mostly measured what you had learned and retained from High School, which is more likely to predict one’s ability to succeed at a technical school or junior college where the teaching style is still kind of like high school.


I would say this is false, but then again I’m a niche writer that doesn’t depend on the algorithm for readers.

Niche readers tend to read via recommendation, personal digging, and they are overall, more loyal readers.


Yeah, it’s a stupid situation for me personally. I have an oddly specific and constricting set of guidelines scrawled across the inside of my skull that makes it so that I have to “earn” the reads organically, without going out and asking for them, because it feels like that robs them of their authenticity. I think it’s a side effect of growing up in a society where you can’t just be amazing at something, you also have to make it look easy and get help from no one. Which is ridiculous.


SO MANY PEOPLE GET THIS PHRASE WRONG. It’s nice to see someone saying it correctly.