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Money is after all everything in this world. They could not give a damn about who is getting affected by what.
Someone out there should really start a platform where you get to publish original work sole. Fan fictions are nice and all, because after all it is still a work of literature. But still it is annoying when things which aren’t even that great earn money like this.


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Honestly if I had the brain that could wrap around programming I would just make an old fashion site where you can roleplay and publish stories and all that kind of stuff.

Off-topic SAT sidenote.

I took the Scholastic Aptitude one, IIRC with the math and verbal scores. I don’t even remember what those scores were now.


I didn’t say that you don’t have your reasons, but saying the same advice over again when you have stated you don’t want to follow that route is just a waste of time! I said it for that reason only.


No! No! I think that any way someone gets reads is definitely valid and “earned”. I used those words to quote the OP because they stated earlier that they believe that any promotion used to get read immediately means it hasn’t been “earned”.

And, lol, I didn’t read it as a rant! I thought it was truly good advice but it’s advice that has been said over and over again and I think that saying t again is a bit useless since, as I’ve stated, the OP has their reasons to not want to follow that route of advice.

I’m sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you! That was certainly not my intention :blush:


But aren’t all reads “earned” in some sense?

I mean they may be earned differently

The promotional efforts may pay off and earn new reads. Or, more passive efforts may earn one reads.

I think (@S_A_Lusher can correct me) our OP was distinguishing on some level between when the story passively attracts/earns reads and when more aggressive promotional efforts earn reads.

Ultimately works with each method can still be said to have earned reads, but the authors might feel emotionally rewarded in different ways, like they might be proud that their writing ability attracted interest or they might be proud their promotional efforts paid off, or some might feel proud about both or the combination of efforts.

I think some authors in the threads are saying they prefer a specific emotional reward feeling over another, while others in the thread are saying they do not care so long as a work finds the readers and gets reads.

I personally don’t see it as a right or wrong option, but as a kind of psychological or emotional preference. And to me that’s normal: people are different and have different feelings.


Fair point.


Yeah, this sounds a lot less crazy and more rational than anything I was saying.


The thing is that the OP didn’t say that they felt like they earned passive reads MORE than promotion reads, they said that promotion reads weren’t truly “earned” which I found to be a very harmful statement to make - even if they said it was only towards themselves because any statement like that can and will be used against the people reading it.

Of course I think reads are “earned”! I said that before! I just think that one way of getting reads should not be shamed or said to “not be earned” because they put some effort into getting noticed! It basically discredits all the attention a book has gotten because the author was active in promoting instead of being lucky enough to have their audience come to them.

THAT’S what I found harmful about the OP’s “earned or not earned” statement.


Also keep in mind readers are going to flock to Wattpad during the Summer months because everyone is out of school. Reads are going be slower in the regular school months because people are busy.


I remember we ‘hugged’ Wattpad to death for the duration of January and September


Right, but I think, particularly with internet communication via text, we have to try to read between the lines to what someone means, and not only literally what they say. A lot of times, in informal speech, people omit words, I find. Then we end up nitpicking on the wording instead of asking questions to clarify.

Saying that reads on a work that was aggressively promoted aren’t truly earned is really saying they aren’t earned by the work alone as compared to a work organically attracting reads somehow.

Obviously, they are all earned, they are just earned through different forces/processes.

I don’t think, even those who prefer the feeling of not promoting, think that promoting “discredits” success. Any reads past the first chapter show the reader was hooked enough to continue.

That applies to works whether they were promoted or not. Reads on later chapters and retention rates do indicate the work itself is attracting reads.

But aggressive promoting can attract higher views on the work in general, like on the navigation page or first chapter. And so just by numbers, even if some percent don’t respond to the promotion, or respond and then drop the work or aren’t interested, that work still benefits from those reads that resulted in response to the promotion.

Are those reads as meaningful?

Clearly, to some people, they don’t feel as meaningful.

But that’s OK, because from a logical, practical standpoint promotion is still smart because even those people who read a bit and dropped it, made the read count look more attractive to others. And if they commented or voted at all, then their newsfeeds will be channels to promote the work in a more ‘organic’ fashion.

Promotion is good and smart, but I think we’d most of us in the thread have to agree it’s not an “organic” proccess, because we’re actively making it happen. It doesn’t represent a work’s passive or intrinsic quality to be discovered.


I clarified with the OP many times when they said what they said, so I don’t think there’s much reading between the lines to do.

When we discussed and clarified - because I didn’t want to jump to conclusions - they DID discredit any reads having to do with any kind of promotion or socialization on the author’s part and said that getting reads without any of that was “true writing” or something like that. They also said they didn’t think it was harmful because it was a rule they only applied to themselves. I stated that, though their intentions might have not been to harm, the statement they had made was one that discredited so many people on Wattpad - even if unintentionally.

So, trust me, I clarified with the OP thoroughly before jumping to any conclusions. Though they didn’t mean to harm anyone with a statement they only wanted to apply to themselves, the statement they made was very harmful to the people who have fought for their reads.

So, yeah, it’s not like I just jumped to a conclusion off of one statement. I don’t know if you’ve read that part of the conversation, but I recommend you go back and read that back and forth between the OP and I if you still think I was jumping to conclusions. I tried to make sure I was understanding what the OP was saying many times. They clarified and I personally think it’s a harmful and untrue statement. Enough said.

They discredited those reads but they thought it was okay because they’d stated they only applied the rule to themselves. I think that making the statement harms others, no matter how they, personally, felt they applied the rule and the intention behind it.


I wanted to clarify just a little bit more.

  1. I want to emphasize that I don’t want to believe what I do about how reads are “earned”. This is more a belief that is imposed on me by…I don’t know, my brain, my psychology, whatever you want to call it. It’s like when some people feel like a failure and they can sit there and give logical or even emotional reasons why they aren’t a failure, but that doesn’t STOP them from feeling like a failure.

  2. The clearest I can make it is kind of a “if you build it they will come” mentality. For whatever reason, some combination of the slice of society I grew up in, the media/people I was exposed to, my own tendency not to want to draw attention to myself because I have an inferiority complex, or maybe this notion we’ve been growing up with that if you aren’t automatically great at something, you should feel like a f**king worthless failure, I feel that my work should speak for itself. The most concise statement I managed to make earlier was this: “I want to be judged as a writer, NOT as a socialite.” In short, I want to be judged by my writing capabilities, not by my social capabilities.

  3. As I stated before, motives matter, but results matter more. Which is my own personal belief. So I guess what I’ve taken away from this all is that I should either do everything I can to ditch this mentality, or at the very least just shut up about it to anyone and everyone from now on, because despite living for almost my entire life not really being listened to by most of the people around me, I guess enough people have read this thread that it might be doing real-world damage, which is not what I wanted.


Wait, what ? What are they thinking ?

Youtubers promoted their videos through social media for getting views, because it’s helpful to be recognize to the mass, and gain popularity and aiding revenue (Especially with the Adpocalypse that happened recently on YT, YouTubers are working super hard to promote their stuff out there).


I’m mentally preparing myself to start promoting my works on Instagram, Twitter and such, but if Wattpad doesn’t believe in self promoting (Do we have any choice here, for be known and fame?), then what the hell ? Why can’t we ?

Yeah, I know they weren’t mean to harm anybody but themselves et cetera, but come on. I want reads, and I cannot have any while sitting and waiting for it. And according to them, this is the only way to get known … :confused:


It felt like summer this year wasn’t as hype as summer last year or the year before though.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with promoting! Basically everyone on here promotes, everyone instead publishing promotes, and it’s a valid way to get reads and readers! Don’t let anything seay you away from getting your work out there :blush:

But, like I said in that same statement, the OP didn’t mean to discredit other people. I know that it feels like it’s discrediting and that’s why I pointed out why it was harmful, but just be mindful that that wasn’t the OP’s intention.


No, no, not at all. I’m not saying that this is the only way to get known. I’m saying that I’m frustrated that this isn’t a viable route to getting known.

You should self promote. It is a valid means of getting the word out about your work.

But for clarification, read my statement directly above your own.

Also, largely don’t listen to me. I’m just being irrational.


Dude, I know that you meant no harm. I understand what you believe. I’m just saying to be careful with what ideas you put out into the world because, no matter your intention, you’ve discredited so many peoples’ successes with your statement. When you put your own beliefs into the world you automatically apply them to the people around you.

You say you “can’t help it” but you’re still discrediting success so please understand how that can be harmful.

Also, can I ask if you were privileged or entitled as a child? I’m not trying to offend or assume or anything, but I know a few rich white boys and they also have inferiority complexes yet, due to their upbringings, they’re expected to do a little work and get monumentally rewarded for it. They have serious inferiority complexes and issues but their upbringing has brought a new complexity to it all. Since you mentioned psychology, I’m just trying to understand where you’re coming from because I understand you feel inferior and worthless but this thread also seems to suggest you feel entitled - unconsciously or consciously. I’m just trying to see if I can understand where you’re coming from since some of your posts give a few mixed signals :blush:


Dude, don’t worry. That’s my plan to get known as a writer. Especially I not only have a Twitter account, but a YouTube channel that I do not use at all. Why not using it, right ?

I understand your frustration and at this point, you’re at the cross road of your situation as a writer.

I’m not discouraged (Little bit, but not enough to quit on sight), but I’m kinda perplexed and very doubtful about the OP’s stance (what OP stand for, anyway?). By self-promoting, we bring new people to the website and at best, subscribe here. Won’t they be happy to know that we kinda bring more readers and generate the plaform’s traffic ? the more they come, the more Wattpad generate revenue ? But I guess they don’t want to make money and be recognize as a legit platform for writers …

Allright, I’m here since this summer, so Wattpad is still new to me, but I only wish that Wattpad establish itself as the #1 platform for aspiring authors, no matter the genre. You know, like if you want to send a video, you go to YouTube, or if you’re illustrator, you go to DeviantArt. I want the same thing for ebooks. That’s a pipe dream, but it would be amazing.

Okay, I’m offtrack the shit outta your thread, S_A_Lusher. I’m sorry.