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I’m late to the thread. I’ve been reading comments, though and learning a few things(not about self-promotion), but about how some readers/writers feel about certain genres. I write original work, it’s paranormal dark fantasy, and my characters are gay. I add the romance. There’s a story there, too. They fight, they bleed, they argue, and they fix stuff. they hate, and they love. I guess though, because I have to make sure people know that it’s malexmale, I won’t get readers simply because they don’t wanna see that shit.
I have to add trigger warnings for certain things and I don’t want someone reporting me because I didn’t. But I’m lost between the ‘You said there was romance’ and ‘I don’t wanna see that’. I just wan’t to write. I promote. I want to improve my style, my grammar, and hopefully some day find a happy medium in all of it. I think my biggest question is where do I fit in? Am I welcome here?


There’s a massive reader demographic for male gay relationships - especially set in Fantasy. (I should know - I write it too, lol) So you fit right in on Wattpad. Just check out the @LGBTQ channel - they have reading lists specifically for queer Fantasy. You’re also more than welcome to join the LGBT+ Writer’s Group! - most of the regulars are Fantasy writers who have queer rep too.

Also, by not putting a “trigger warning” just for having queer rep, you’re not breaking any rules. That’s not in the content guidelines, so if anyone were to report you, the report would be closed without anything happening. The only thing you have to follow are the official content guidelines and possibly rate your work mature, if it falls under that part of the guidelines.


It sounds like you’ve encountered the shittier side of Wattpad readers. Trust me when I say there are readers who appreciate a good MxM stories. You just have to find them. Or they have to find you. Whatever comes first.


Is the “I don’t want to see that” comment about the two males being intimate or just any sex in general?

If it’s about the sex in general, is your book marked mature? I know most books with any explicit sex scene - even one - are rated mature that way people who don’t want to read sex scenes know it isn’t the book for them. I think there’s guidelines and I don’t think you’re breaking any if it’s mainly a romance with a few sex scenes, but it’s a common notion on here that non-mature books have no sex scenes.

If it’s about two guys having sex, then screw them.

You also are not obligated to give a warning that it’s mxm btw.


It is rated mature. I rate them all mature. People don’t want to see the males being intimate.


Then that is homophobia and it’s not your fault at all. There will always be horrible people like that and you rated it mature for sex, so they cannot complain at all that they weren’t warned.

Have they blatantly hated on it being two males being intimate in the comments? Have you reported the users for hate speech? From personal experience, if it’s not blatant Wattpad won’t do anything about it, but it’s worth a try if they’re hating on you for it.


You don’t actually have to rate it mature if it’s not mature according to the guidelines.

If you’re unsure, you can reach out to a content mod and they’ll check the work for you.

Besides, fuck the homophobes. There’s plenty of supportive people here, who I am sure, will love your work.


Nah, they are all mature. I have at least one sex scene in each story and those are the parts that get read the most.


I said that it wasn’t against the guidelines not to if it’s just a few sex scenes in a romance story.

BUT if they were getting hated on for the sex scenes in general - not the homophobic crap - then it would’ve been worth a try to rate it mature that way they would be attracting the audience they want to attract instead of getting hated on.

Now, it turns out the homophobia is the problem, so that’s just horrible. But that was just my advice in case they were getting hated on because of the sex scenes.


No, it’s not in my comments. I’d go off on someone for being blatantly homophobic in my comments.


Only one sex scene usually isn’t mature, I believe.

Since I don’t love reading sex scenes, I usually appreciate a warning - just an author’s note or something - at the beginning of the book that there will be some minimal but explicit sex scenes later on in the book, but it’s doesnt HAVE to be rated mature according to the guidelines.

If you feel more comfortable rating it mature, that’s up to you, but know that one sex scene in a romance story does not have to be rated mature according to the guidelines!


So where are you getting hated on? If you don’t mind telling me, of course


Lol, yeah. That has been my experience too. If you’ve tagged your work with different LGBTQ+ related tags, people really have no excuse to go hating in your comment section. So if they do, delete and mute. You don’t have to give them a platform to spew their shit.

Maybe I’m just a coldass bitch, but if it is the work is rated according to guidelines I don’t think anyone should feel inclined to rate it any other way :joy: Haters be damned and all.

Also @susannaevanspfw like @LightenTheShadows mentioned, an author note is a good way to warn people of potential mature themes (or themes that could upset someone - like if you handle mental illness in the book) I do that and haven’t had any complaints about the themes in my books so far.


Trying to attract readers that get the humor, understand the references to certain things, and don’t have to have every single sentence explained is the hard part. Some of them don’t want to read the gay parts. There are readers that swear they read everything, and then when they realize that the story is gay, that’s when there’s a problem.
Comments like ‘when you write something without the gay romance, I’ll read it’


Yeah, I do it as well! I work with a lot of tough themes in my book, but nothing is too explicit so it’s not mature, but I’m always sure to leave an author’s note at the beginning that warns what the book will be mentioning.

Like you, I’ve had no complaints about this!


I think it’s nice - especially because my books are mature. For several reasons. So it’s just a heads up to anyone who might feel uncomfortable with things like self-harm, explicit sex, suicide etc. :blush:

(Especially since the mature rating doesn’t actually tell you anything about what it’s rated mature for)


Ah, I see.

That’s the worst kind of homophobes. The ones that don’t give you enough to report them, but they are obviously homophobic.

This has happened to me so much on here with racists and xenophobes and all that and it makes me so mad that if they’re not blatant, I can’t report them!

I know it’s frustrating but, sadly, sometimes it feels like the problems of minorities on WP are ignored in favour of not creating conflict.


True! Mature could mean so many things!

Even in my horror story I have a warning about blood and such. I think it’s nice to warn people just in case :blush: