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** the need for several mature ratings intensifies ** :roll_eyes:

I wish it wasn’t necessary to “warn” people about the queer rep, but I’ve written in my bio I write queer fantasy books. So, I haven’t had anyone go all like “Omg this is a gay fantasy/romance book? No thanks!” But it would still be nice to not have to warn people about the fact that people like me exist - even in literature. The explicit sex, I get. Not everyone is into that, regardless of who’s having it. But if you’re writing a non-mature book with no mature themes about a pair of gay fellas, then there really shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk :joy:


You know you don’t have to right?

Anyone who hates on you because of the queer romance and/or sex would be leaving a homophobic comment and can therefore be reported for hate speech.

You have no need to warn for something that is in no way mature. If people don’t have to warn about straight relationships then queer relationships should be no different.

There would be an uproar if people were forced to warn that they write about POC characters, so why are queer characters treated any differently?

I have a small gay romance in one of my books and I don’t warn about it because there’s nothing to be warned about. :woman_shrugging:


It’s in my bio, too, but dang if they still don’t make the passive comments. Do people read profiles?


Not really. I have “no reading requests” in my bio and I still get spammed all day with them :woman_shrugging::joy:


Yeah, I know you do and haven’t read your bio. Then again, I read the threads. :slight_smile: We all say things in several different places and still someone misses it.


Lol, yeah. I also have my updating schedule in my bio and still people ask me if I have one and when it is if I do! I always read the bio first and THEN ask if I have any questions


Yeah, I know. I don’t mind it because it also tells people who’re actively looking for queer rep that I provide a bunch of stories with that in it. So it works both as a “Hey! Looking for queer rep? Get it here!” and as a warning. At this point, I see it more as the former than the latter. People have responded really well to it - I’ve been very lucky to actually not receive any hate for the content I provide.

Some do - most probably don’t. If you have your work tagged with for example #LGBTQ then just tell them to bugger off and learn how to read the tags, if they’re so easily offended by the mere existence of queer people.


I just hate it being used as a “warning”. If you wanted to talk about it and say like “yeah, this is queer rep for everyone looking for it!” Other than something like “WARNING: This story has queer relationships” then I think that’s totally different


It just says

“… And I write queer Fantasy books.” :joy:

So people can take it as they want, really.


My bio:

Just gonna say hey and leave it at that. I started out all professional, and then thought, who really cares? I write. I’m a dog person, and I like chocolate. Oh, and I hate peanut butter. Unless it’s in reeses cups. Then it’s good. Struggling writer tryin’ to get better at it. I write gay paranormal horror romance, with all the juicy steamy scenes included. I read almost anything. Probably better at editing than writing, but I try. Thank you for stopping by, and if you read, thank you for that, too.

Is this a warning? just asking


No, yeah, I wouldn’t exactly count that as a warning.

Like, the warning I talk about is literally me going like “Warning that this books may discuss and show - though not explicitly - tough topics like abuse, violence, etc”


Nah, you’re just telling people what you write.

Would be nice if we didn’t have to include that we write queer rep, but oh whale, the world isn’t there yet. :confused:


Oh! Yes, like my trigger warnings in all my books. Yeah, I don’t include the fact that my books are queer af in those. Because screw that.


I feel like it’s just a bit of information, not a warning, but I think my definition of “warning” may be different from other peoples’.

I find a warning to be a serious thing that warns about serious topics that may be a trigger for some people or something like that. It’s an explicit warning.

I think both of you are just promoting that you write queer material, but that’s just my opinion :woman_shrugging:


Yes! Exactly! That’s what I was saying before about hating that some people are forced to put queer relationships into their trigger warnings section!


“WARNING: Queer people exist in books too now! What has the world come to??!?!??!??”


The sky is falling…the sky is falling


Legit though.

Like, if you don’t have to warn about straight relationships then queer relationships should not be treated any differently!

Anyone who thinks otherwise… Well, I’d be glad if they stopped reading my book because I don’t want that had anywhere near my writing or my other lovely readers! :blush:


Hide yo wife, hide yo kids! The gays a-coming!

But for real, don’t worry about the shitheads. Find other people who write queer books, be active in the queer community… We’ll be more than happy to have you :smile:

@LightenTheShadows I’d say I’d be happy if they didn’t read my books either - but all things considered, they’re probably not :joy:


Yeah, probably not if they’re promoted as mature queer books :joy:

I’m sneakier because the gay relationship between two side characters only happens in the sequel and there’s no “warning” of any kind :wink::joy: