Not Welcome On WattPad.


Oh how dare you trick people like that? The audacity :joy:


I know! I’m a monster :joy:


Man the month I was #1 in humor was a crazy ride.

So many homophobes that found me through the hotlist. I don’t think I ever want to be that high up ever again. :joy:


@AWFrasier @LightenTheShadows everything you guys are saying about books with LGBTQ+ literature is just :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Yes! Another good person! Welcome, friend! :blush:


“A GAY book??? In my good Christian Humor section???”


See, this is the perks of lurking below the 500’s on the main genre hotlists :joy:

@Xenoclea it’s a certified queer thread now :heart::blue_heart::green_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart:



Someone sent me a lengthy how dare you promote homosexuality message through PM.

Strangely, now that I regularly snag top ten in #Christian with my very gay book I am yet to face abuse. I just think wattpad is a much better place for lgbt+ writers and stories than it was say, 2-3 years ago.



@saintc I agree with you… way back in the day I remember reading a teen fiction book about gay high schoolers and the author would have just piles of hate comments

I don’t see that as much anymore


Oh my lord! The homophobes and the racists and just everyone filled with hate can’t seem to realize that we minorities persist in our existence despite their protests and so do our stories :joy:


Sometimes coming late to the Wattpad Party isn’t so bad.




I’m glad I only joined last year. Damn.


Yeah, this was like 2013 or something? Back when we still had the status bars

Like, it may have been easier to get discovered then, but I’m happy Wattpad has changed, because in a lot of ways it changed for the better


Honestly, I’d take supportive readers over massive stats any day.


Same! I know there’s a big push to become “famous” or whatever but right now there’re two readers blowing up the comments for my one story and making me laugh every time, and I’d rather have them than however many reads


YES! Like, I know I have quite a decent following and readership, but those people that I see every update who cheer me on and comment and vote and theorize and get all excited is what I LIVE FOR! Like, I love and appreciate all of my readers - even the silent ones - but the people that I truly write for are those few that show up week after week and month after month and never seem to lose their enthusiasm!

If they were the only ones reading my book I’d be just as happy as I am with my high stats! :blush:


I have zero complaints about my following too - mostly because I’ve managed to bag some of those sweet supportive readers who’ll read whatever I upload. The silent ones, the silent voters, the loud motormouths… All of them, I wanna stuff them in my pocket and keep them forever and love them forever :heart:


Same. It’s one thing I like about writing nichey books. I don’t think many people can say that they’ve had some of their readers on here for years. The 3 first people that ever voted for my work still read my stories on here today.


Well, you’re also a library and a writing machine, so I don’t find it odd you keep readers hooked. :sparkling_heart:

But this is one of the great things about queer rep books. The reader demo is loyal to the bone.