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Yes! I love all of my followers! Though the moment I see any kind of hate I politely ask them to stop in the comment or a PM if they delete it and I make sure I tell them that it’s not tolerated on my page or in my books.

Sometimes they apologize, other times I lose a follower. Either way I keep doing the same thing because we need to stand up for that stuff, you know?


Hi y’all, why do I think people are getting more rude day by day? Is it just me?


I feel like a lot of readers just comment without thinking that we, the authors, will actually see the comments. I had someone backtrack hard the other day when I explained something they had a huge issue with. And didn’t put very eloquently.

I haven’t noticed anything tbh :thinking:


Lol, someone told me that once. ‘I was looking for something to read and I stumbled on your profile. Wow, you’re a library.’


I also like that there’s not much exclusively. Readers are fans of multiple people at once. I share readers with many of my friends.

Its a thing in romance too. Readers read so much that they’re no need competing for them. They’ll get to everyone’s story… eventually.


I live in North America atm, and I’ve noticed that with the current presidency, people have felt as if it’s more acceptable to be horrible human beings. In the last year, I’ve been verbally and physically harassed and threatened more than ever before and discriminated more than ever before.

But, that’s just my observation based on where I live and my experiences :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, I don’t think they realize that we see deleted comments too :joy:


Maybe some forget we actually are people that make mistakes and have feelings, though there are many good people out there still. It makes it a lot harder for authors to write about touchy subjects.


I aspire to reach library status one day! :’)

Yes! Yes exactly! I see people who follow my friends following me, they vote on all of our books, supports us… And in return we get the sweet algorithm to recommend our books in each other’s books. :joy:

And it doesn’t even matter if they’re exclusively Romance and I write Fantasy - they read it all the same.


Hah! But we do :smiling_imp:


That’s horrible! I’m very sorry. I’m Mexican and by being here I want to prove to others that we aren’t what that president says, in all around the world there will be bad people but they don’t define us


As someone not American: don’t worry. Our view on you is not tainted by a moron.


A Beautiful story. Go ahead!


Yes! Girl preach! And another Latina! I’m from farther south than you and, luckily, my family almost moved to the US but moved to Canada instead! It’s more mellowed out here - and I’m light skinned if not white-passing - but it’s incredible the amount of xenophobia and discrimination we’ve been facing! I can’t imagine what my darker brothers and sisters are going through if my pale ass is going through such horrible things!


Latinas united hahah!


People need to be taught tolerance and respect, I’m also light skinned but I have seen how (EVEN HERE IN THE SAME COUNTRY) judgmental people can be.


Yes! I’ll fight the bigots up north and you deal with the yanquis, yeah? :joy:

We’ll educate them all!


Let’s do it gurl!


I am an American, and I loathe our dishonest bigoted hatemonger of a president. I voted against him, as did the majority of the US population. Trust me when I say he does not speak for us. He is a walking mistake.

As regards sex scenes - I don’t mind them, but they’re not what my stories are about. I might have one or two in a book, at most. Sometimes they’re necessary to establish a character’s position in the milieux or with respect to some other, whether that other is a lover or an abuser or both.

If they’re BAD sex scenes - the kind that make the people in them feel awful rather than joyful - I precede them with a warning.

A chapter title can be a reasonable warning, IMO; in my current book there’s a chapter named “Sexual Violence” for example, which a fair number of readers would be well advised to skip.


This. :joy: I swear all I see are my friends’ stuff.


Same :joy: Also happens when I read their books! So supporting each other is a gift that keeps giving!