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Oh sorry, still I hope my point is understood.


I understood you loud and clear. You’re talking about folk who act as though people of other “tribes” don’t matter.


That’s sadly most African immigrants in the USA. :expressionless: Literally transferred themselves to the USA with their wealth, and talk down on African Americans for not succeeding in a system that has been working against them for centuries.


I honestly find it incredibly when kids grow up in a toxic and hateful environment and they learn what’s truly right on their own! Like, it must be so hard with no one guiding them and I am so proud of those incredible people that learn to challenge the hate they were raised to believe was okay!


God yes! I really admire people who have seen the worst of this world and still believe in being good.


Legit this is why I admire my parents so much! They’ve been through the WRINGER. Like, I could literally go on and on about the horrors each of them have gone through, and yet they’re both happy and loving people who believe in helping the world and being kind yet firm in your beliefs and what you think is right. They are kind and gentle do believe that sometimes you have to fight to make things a better place - with your actions and your words but never your fists.

God I’m just so lucky to have them and to have learned so much from them.


Thank you everyone for an amazing chat, it has been very pleasant to talk to you all about topics that matter nowadays, remember to always stick to your principles and beliefs.
If anyone ever wants to talk more you can always count on me <3


Yas, latinas united!


This is true, my daddy’s mixed (african american) and yeah we’re middle class and yeah we’re not treated as bad as others, but there will always be someone to remind you that you’re not white. But they’re just hating and we keep thriving!


Girl, don’t even start with that.


I’d like to say that Mexico isn’t the most tolerant with color either. I mean most of the people on tv seem to be casted based on this meme:images

But my grandma says it might get better with the new president


YUP. Lol, though most Latin American media features either white Latinos, white-passing Latinos, or lightskin latinos as most and it’s always been that way.

The colourism in our Latin community has been rampant an a huge problem as of always, sadly


Hey @S_A_Lusher, I’m a bit late to this thread, but I’m hoping I can offer some ideas. The truth is that the publishing industry is in flux. Indies go traditional, traditional poaches from indies/sites like Wattpad/Amazon, etc. I’m a notoriously slow writer. On a good year, I manage one novel. To hear that you are producing 15 is astounding. You should be very proud of your hard work. That is real diligence! With the number of books you are writing you are in the perfect position to launch an indie publishing career that gets you paid. Two of my friends have quit their 9-5 jobs writing and posting their work on Amazon. The number one thing needed to gain a following is volume which you’ve nailed. Quality counts too, of course, plus a good cover, etc.

Wattpad is only one avenue to gain readers. I hope you don’t use it as a measuring stick for your future literary endeavors. Get yourself a website, start a blog, and start publishing your books on kindle. I’ve always felt that promotion takes a lot of time and is worth it especially if there are dollars and cents attached to that effort. Promoting your story on Wattpad may result in some readers, but I feel like promotion efforts are better suited to indie published books on paid platforms. If you can convert the 100-200 readers, you’ve got to a mailing list even better.

Amazon and Smashwords and a slew of other sites also allow you to post your work for free if getting paid is not the end goal. I would suggest putting the work up in as many avenues as possible. When I came to Wattpad, I brought a significant number of readers from my indie published books to my profile, etc. Experimentation is your friend when it comes to distributing books and finding readers.

Last but not least, I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do, but make sure you keep on writing. :smiley:

PS - I just saw you have a ton of books on Kindle. Cool!!! Just bought one. Will leave you a review.


Thanks, I really appreciate the advice.

That is a MAJOR thank you and deeply appreciated. I hope you enjoy it. And reviews help a LOT on Amazon.


No problem! I sure will. Also, I followed you on Twitter, I keep a list of about 2K writers who are awesome at helping each other out. Have a great night.


You’re the first mexican I’ve ever seen. Hi!


You don’t need to be Jewish to be completely torn to the ground. I was ridiculed for my hairstyle, for my clothes, for my glasses, for my last name, for my intelligence, for the name of the very street I live in. And I’m as pale as one can possibly be, with common brown eyes and hair. If they can find a reason, they will use it - racism or otherwise


No, yeah, I know, but that’s just bullying. My mom tends to say “they always find something”! I wouldn’t really count it as discrimination though, would you? Unless your last name is ethnic or something and they don’t just make fun of it because they think it’s funny or something.

Bullying? Yes. Harmful? Yes. Discrimination? Not really. At least in my eyes :woman_shrugging:


Also first Mexican? Really? I can get it in real life because not everyone lives in a diverse place, but I’ve seen so many Mexicans running around the threads :joy:

It’s lucky to find a Latin community on here because my Latin community where I live is very small and I can talk with more Latinos here! Almost as if I’m back home :blush:


Discrimination is a form of bullying with a fancy name