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Discrimination is prejudiced and unjust treatment of someone based on their ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual ortientation.

So, yes, discrimination is a form of bullying, but not all bullying is discrimination, you know?

Discrimination is a more serious word.

Like, have you ever been threatened with violence because they made fun of your pale skin and glasses? Have you ever been harassed on the street because you had average brown hair and eyes? Have people in public who don’t know you ever harassed you about these things?


I’ve just dug myself a grave, haven’t I?


I’m not trying to say that! I just don’t believe that bullying and discrimination is the same experience is all :blush:

A lot of people get bullied and it’s usually a thing between kids and/or teens, sometimes maybe young adults. It happens in social situations with people you usually have contact with - let it be friends or a popular kid or something like that. It can absolutely be physically and mentally harmful, but I would not classify it as discrimination.

Discrimination is something that strangers do on the streets. It’s something that affects job applications and school and everyday life. That’s all I’m saying.


I can finally join the club. I don’t feel welcome… in the Wattpad forums.




Whatever happened, the feels between threads are rarely transferable, and a step back for a few days makes it all better.