Not Welcome On WattPad.


Discrimination is prejudiced and unjust treatment of someone based on their ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual ortientation.

So, yes, discrimination is a form of bullying, but not all bullying is discrimination, you know?

Discrimination is a more serious word.

Like, have you ever been threatened with violence because they made fun of your pale skin and glasses? Have you ever been harassed on the street because you had average brown hair and eyes? Have people in public who don’t know you ever harassed you about these things?


I’ve just dug myself a grave, haven’t I?


I’m not trying to say that! I just don’t believe that bullying and discrimination is the same experience is all :blush:

A lot of people get bullied and it’s usually a thing between kids and/or teens, sometimes maybe young adults. It happens in social situations with people you usually have contact with - let it be friends or a popular kid or something like that. It can absolutely be physically and mentally harmful, but I would not classify it as discrimination.

Discrimination is something that strangers do on the streets. It’s something that affects job applications and school and everyday life. That’s all I’m saying.


I can finally join the club. I don’t feel welcome… in the Wattpad forums.




Whatever happened, the feels between threads are rarely transferable, and a step back for a few days makes it all better.


My two cents on the topic. I’m a little late & I’m not trying to steer the pot.
Personally, I think most of the advice given on how to increase reads (i.e. SYS threads, book clubs, critiques, being active on threads, etc) attracts mostly other author-readers rather than the regular readers that only use this site for reading (which is the largest demographic on WP & I imagine what most people want to attract). Think about it, only other writers check out the SYS threads and even the cafe & threads/forums were also mostly frequented by other writers. How many of wattpad non-writer users are even aware that we have the threads? And even for joining the book clubs & contests (save for wattys) idk how much regular readers even check them out. Sure doing a critique & having someone not only read but also comment on your story may turn the wheels forward and begin the momentum (and this is what WP’s algorithm prefers) – so to me it’s more like a cheatsheet people use to “game the system” and give that initial nudge before you acquire proper readers & a following. Personally, I feel like getting writer-reads is a lot easier than from the non-writer readers. On one hand I do only post poetry works on my acc & I haven’t publicly shared any of my other works; and poetry is a genre that doesn’t attract many readers. However, I believe that if should I decide to post a novel (in genres Teen fic & Y/A romance), I’d naturally get readers much quicker & easier since more people are interested in novels than poetry books & because the teen fic romance genre is so popular. I personally don’t believe in begging for readers & views & even reading other people’s works naturally led to writer-reads without even doing any critiques or joining book clubs. Sometimes with receiving votes & comments from other writers I wonder if they’re genuinely interested in my work or if this is a technique they’re using to promote their own work. Spam votes on a book with non-existent time intervals is what I’m most suspicious of lol.

I agree with a lot of your sentiments – that if your book is good & interesting people will naturally give you a lot of views; for starters, readers that check out your first chapter are more inclined to continue reading the book instead of dropping it 2 chapters in – and more chapters read = more reads/views. That being said, we have to remember that Wattpad is a lot more saturated than it was before. Before a book seemed to be doing well if it received 10k views and now you have books that amass a million views. So we’re all competing with numbers (i.e. A game of probability) which seems the case in many over-saturated industries. You bet becoming a singer or actor ain’t easy either when all the famous ones hog the spotlight. I do think the way Analytics favors those that are already getting traction seems a little unfair (seeing as it’s those with little views are those that need exposure the most) but maybe it’s wattpad’s way of sifting through quality books and promoting those that are deemed good (“if users are reading & voting then it must be good:woman_shrugging: ). Of course wattpad benefits most from those books that receive the most traffic since they’re the ones that bring in the traffic (& ad revenue) to the site. The one advice & technique I do believe in, is making sure to get a good use out of the tag system & including all the relevant tags (though unfortunately the way tags work have recently changed for the worse :confused: )

With all of that being said, what’s more relevant to you, @S_A_Lusher, is that you’re seeking out to become a professional writer & to make a living out of this rather than becoming wattpad famous. I agree with what one of the commentators said; this may not be a platform for you. Everyone knows watpatt’s largest & main demographic is teenage girls and the most common genres are Teen Fic, Romance, & fan fiction followed by sub genres werewolf & vampire (or w/e the trends currently are)… Other genres here are definitely harder to break into and with that said, even if you do make it the readership would still be smaller if you’re comparing to WP mainstream novels (if that’s your expectation). Just because you didn’t make it on Wattpad doesn’t mean you failed as a writer. Wattpad is just one the platforms that exists. Do venture out onto other (writing) platforms. Seeing as you’re seeking out to get published & not just promoting a WP book then you definitely need to try out promoting yourself on social media sites. Maybe check out youtubers that are into literature (esp in your genre) and see how they find new books to read & if they interact with any social media in relation to books. Try tumblr or better yet reading blogs.
Turning free readers into paying readers is hard – I heard about it. We live at a time when so much content is easily accessible & for free, so people are even more reluctant to pay for content esp if they already read it for free. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people only trust/invest in writers that are already established & known. But don’t give up buddy. If people are showing interest in books like Twilight, The Hungers Games, The Divergent Series, and etc.then it’s a good sign too; that means the demographic in your genre are increasing, esp within teenagers! Good news since teenagers are b̶i̶g̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶n̶d̶e̶r̶s̶ less stingy with their money & have less expenses. So cheer up, friend, and stay hopeful & don’t give up. Keep up at it and broaden out of Wattpad. If you haven’t already then check out sub-threads like industry insiders cause I’m sure they’ll be more helpful than the general ones. And last but not least, reach out to writers that are already published or achieved moderate success within their genre or niche and ask for any tips and advice. Networking with published writers may work in your favor - but then again it may be less important if you’re going the self-publishing route. Anyways, best of luck and don’t give up!! Know that professional writers had to go through a lot of failure and years of hard work before they made it.


Jesus Christ how many edits did I have to do on that post lol.

Lol also forgot to mention:
if all people ever cared about was increasing their view count on their books then wattpad literally allows you to sift through your own book and it will count in your reads into the total lmao :rofl::rofl:
I, myself, prefer the ratio between reads and votes to be more even so I cringe every time I review my book, re-edit, or reply to comments and all it does is increase reader count. Just checking out my work & replying to comments already & easily makes up 1/3 of the views - but then again it’s cause I personally frequent my own works; if I wanna check out my already written pieces then I prefer using wattpad than using word processor (work is saved on a non main computer) or my notepad.


I think at some point this becomes irrelevant however and you can kind of judge how many self reads vs actual reads your story has, especially if you get into the hundreds to thousands of votes range. I’ll feel a bit easier about editing chapters once I cross that 1,000 vote range.

You can also check demographics to see where your readers are if you’re concerned about self reads.


Demographics are weird they keep claiming I’m a 50 y/o woman from the US :joy::joy:

But yeah, I imagine even with popular books a good chunk (like 1/4 or 1/5) must be from the author, themselves, lol unless they never check out and reply to comments that they receive


Thanks for taking the time to write out the lengthy reply and try and help. You largely seem right in the advice you have to offer. I’ve since pretty much just decided to put my secondary profile (this one) to sleep, and just focus on writing fan fiction over on my main profile, while working on new material in the background for a year or two and doing a big launch when I have sufficient material.

Also, with regards to your concerns about adding to your own Reads count, I’m pretty sure it only tallies you once per chapter. Like, you can’t just keep hitting refresh over and over and it adds new views. It’s just one per account. So you represent just one of every read on each chapter no matter how many times you go back, unless you are using different accounts.


Dang, that’s a lot of text in one post. I dare say, this new thread/forum format makes me think of FictionPress. Anyway, I agree with a lot of what you said about author-readers dominating the threads, while reader-readers are almost impossible to attract. Been trying to gain readers for a while, but Wattpad’s algorithm is making it really difficult for writers like me (who have other obligations that most of the target audience on this site don’t have to deal with yet) who write in the smaller genres. So I’ve been expanding into other platforms and I’ve found a really good one (Royal Road L) that seems to cater to the stuff I like to write, but only in the broadest sense of anime-inspired and manga-inspired original works. I’m still gonna need to put up a writing schedule (which has been virtually impossible during my last semester of college), but I’ll make it my new year’s resolution to finish my novel. It’s always good to have something to shoot for.


I have seen this happen as well. So I try to find talented writers that have made it with millions of reads and tons of followers. It gives me hope in a way. I also realise how lucky I am in this situation. I posted my story like a month a go and it got attention. I don’t have many followers but I do have quite a bit of reads considering I am new. So now I look for people who aren’t as lucky and I try and encourage them. If it happened to me it can happen to them as well.


Hey! I’m a member of the “my story got a bit popular 'cause I’m extremely luck” group as well! I posted my story and it just started blowing up! I’ve never advertised and haven’t been on for long, but now I have a decent follow count as well - even though I started with around 20 followers! I try to encourage people, but sometimes I don’t know how. Few people get lucky like we have and I never know much advice to give people when they ask me how my book got so popular so fast! :sob:


Same here. I didn’t even know about the wattpad forums when it blew up as I could have advertised my book that way so it was just serious luck. All i do is message people or comment on their story telling them to continue. I hope it works.


I usually just give them general tips on what people have complimented me on - other than my writing, lol. Things like not giving up, interacting with followers, replying to comments, etc :blush:


OMG, dude! Dude! The fact that you finished all of that work is freaking amazing! I wish (by God, I WISH I had that kind of writing stamina), but I’ve only managed to finish a few poem collections, handful of short stories, and two novellas. I’m still working on my first novel, so the fact that you finished, like, SIXTEEN of them is amazing. I know it’s been hard expanding your audience on this site, but don’t let that overshadow what you’ve already accomplished. If you can keep to that kind of work ethic, then you’re already way ahead of the curve.


I published the foreword / A/N yesterday, and it actually got like 30 reads in a little over 18 hours. I’m mildly terrified to find out how many reads I have when I publish chapter three in two weeks


That’s good to hear! As long as you continue writing and creating. And who says you’ve gotta post all your books on wattpad; maybe you’ll share this one only with paying readers :wink: . Hmm I would suggest keeping all your original books on this account still accessible to the public if you’re still interested in exposure. Sometimes people do find your work even you don’t promote so it doesn’t hurt to keep em available :wink: -->This thread is very long & I haven’t real all of it yet so this sentiment has already probably been shared; I’m just reinstating & agreeing

I checked out your pf; you’re active on social media so you’re definitely working really hard. Your frustrations are understandable. Oh and you’ve already been on this site for a while so you probably already know, but in case you don’t or forgot, try to apply for the featured list & to the Wattys next year~

Maybe, maybe not :woman_shrugging: all I know is that after I’m done with edits or browsing my book I get increase in reads. If I’ve got like 4-5 on a chapter and it’s just recently published or very obscure then ik it’s my own views lol. Sometimes I’m my own most dedicated reader lol - but that’s cause I forget a bunch of mistakes and always gotta go back and re-edit a thousand times. But it’s fine; there are pros for this too :slight_smile: ** btw I found a thread on this topic, so it’s definitely true.

Good luck on your relaunch! Hope everything works out :grinning:


It’s good that you found a platform that’s dedicated to your niche; It might be a lot useful.
& yeah balancing school & writing is a lot of work; I don’t blame you. Just make sure to take breaks (with writing) and not to burn out.