NOTICE: I'll be offline tomorrow!


Hey guys, I spend my Saturdays totally offline (though sometimes I quickly hop in to update a WP story) so I won’t be around if anything explodes or breaks.

I typically turn everything off at sundown on Friday. Tonight I’ll stay online to announce emoji winner at 8 EST but then you wont see me until Sunday!


behave! or don’t…

:werewolf: :nick:

Count to 500 before a mod posts!

Quick, everyone, now is the time to destroy everything! :makaylasophia:

throws flour all over the kitchen floor

Enjoy your Saturday, @UncleL :slight_smile:


gasp You’re not allowed to have a social life! you must be All Wattpad all the time :kissing_heart:

Have a good day off!


me sunday am



Attack the platform API, stat!



for how many cooks we’ve had in the kitchen to help me fix up this site’s layout/options-----idk i kind of doubt any of us can ddos it hahaha




A challenge has been presented!



Honestly even the word ddos makes my heart race


We will strive only for the best in our attempts to raze the new site to the ground.