Notion Press in India

Does anyone have any experience with these folks? I’m looking for some insight.

This is what I found on one site

Don’t seem to have any info on the usual sites like Absolute Write (unless I just couldn’t find it)

I am from India, and I have heard about them, I do not know where exactly.
What do you want insights about?


This is what I found while searching on the net:

Here’s their website: [

Notion Press | 1st Guided Publishing Platform |‎‎

@Prisim @Nablai Thanks guys, that’s exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

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Pleasure’s all mine. Glad to be of any help :slight_smile:

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Yes I have but what do you exactly mean?

@Untouchablestars I think the OP already got their answer :slight_smile:

They wanted a more deeper, accurate understanding/analysis of the Notion Press site in India.

So in case anyone is interested in why I wanted to get more info on Notion Press, I had uploaded my book and cover as pdf’s on their website in late 2018 so I could make my book available as a print on demand paperback for my Asian readers. I never was able to publish it because I couldn’t get my cover to work, and my cover maker had moved and gotten too busy to help me make it the right size.

Out of the blue, they contacted me few weeks ago to let me know my book was now published. :eyes: They had taken my cover file and fixed it so it would now work, and then they published it without me signing their terms of service agreement or giving my bank info so I could collect royalties. After seeing what was said in the reviews above :arrow_up: I guess this is the kind of shady stuff they do. I should have researched them prior to posting my stuff on their website, so that is a lesson learned.

Not only was my book now published without my permission, they don’t have an unpublish button. Luckily, the customer service replied to my request and unpublished my book. I wasn’t able to remove the files from their website, but I managed to upload dummy pdf files to replace the ones they had so they can’t do this to me again.

This was a really stupid thing that I did. I’m sharing my story so you don’t make the same mistake. Before you post your stuff on any website, do a thorough search on them.


I’m sorry you had to go through this, Katherine. I know my words won’t mean much, but, if there is something I can do or be of any help now or in the future. Please, please count me in for anything and everything. I’m always here for you :slight_smile: Just a PM away… And as the eternal lurker, I’m always lurking in the forums :joy: A simple tag would do the job.

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Yes, they are self publishers and have great marketing reach, now there is venture capital investment in their firm, they are growing and perhaps the only self publisher, which has a defined and professional working model

However, some other publishers are also adding value to unpublished authors, but at quite exorbitant rates.