BOGO - Order a COVER get a free SIMPLE GIF ( examples basically a GIF with added text (can also change eye color in some (demon, vampire, werewolf, ext) make sure to put BOGO in the anything eles section of your request. since theres been some confusion. if you order a COVER you get a GIF not another cover.

I’m also hosting a Halloween giveaway.
There will be three Winners (first, second, third) Each winner will receive a graphic pack of custom graphics.

how to enter?
request graphics. Every accepted and paid for graphic from October 1st - midnight (pst) October 31st On October 31st / November 1st I will draw the winner(s) using a random generator to choose three winners.

First prize: graphic pack of five custom graphics of any offered type

Second Prize: custom graphic pack of four. 3 “simple” graphics (Covers, and anything with 2 gifs or less) and one “Complicated” graphics (3+Gifs) can also OPT for four “simple” gifs if wanted)

Third Prize: Graphics pack of two custom graphics of any offered type

For this giveaway blended crackships examples will be counted as “complicated” graphics

Side note:

When it comes to queue order I will go in order of request. However. If payment has not been completed I will skip till the next request with completed payment

current queue
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Graphics finished awaiting payment

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payment for premades is a non critizing comment of anysize on Sister of Oblivion.
Story must be published for a premade

Premade form:

Premade title:
New title
minor changes?
anything eles

I’m having a little contest givewaway, who ever can guess the correct ships (relationships or crush) for my story Flame Keeper based off the aesthetics will win any custom graphic (Covers, Gif graphics, Character edits aesthetics (I’ll attempt others (not trailers) ) Ill make for free ( everyone can make four guesses and get a free graphic for every correct guess out of the four) I will also separate already guessed correct ships. However. there are a few characters with more then one ship.
here are the Aesthetics (no specific order)
berry cead cer ed jade jude juri%20copymaaz mark mos murr nick opal reil ruee%20copy sol thess

Already guessed/shipped.
Laurel and Holly
laurel holly

Click the link or link to make your guess (there is approximately 11 correct answers and there is ltbgq characters )

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vic sob%20copy butter ccc%20copy keykeeper%20copy sick%20copy wil bak%20copy


drag mqak digs sco hays kij
hann%20copy winn%20copy


beg fde Katia Vale

cast pages


Character Alphabet

[center] obs|

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TITLE: Queen of His Heart

SUBTITLE: (Optional) King of Her World


FACE CLAIMS: (If necessary) Henry Cavill

[center]SHORT SUMMARY: He is the King of Lycanthropes- unconquerable, powerful, principled.
She is a mere human- young, radiant, compassionate.
Without her, he will succumb to the beast within.

Lycans mate forever. The bond they share with their predestined partner is unbreakable. They thank Selene, their Goddess, for the gift of soulmates. But with every gift, there is also a curse. If a Lycan roams the Earth for more than a century, and never encounters their mate, they succumb to their carnal, feral, and animalistic tendencies. They become more wolf than man.

King Adlaric Romanov has spent centuries protecting his species and shielding their existence from humans. He has loved his Kingdom and brought them to prosperity, and while he is proud of such accomplishments, he’s devastated having never found his mate. As the years come and go, his sanity threatens to break.

After 300 years of merely existing, he realizes the person he’s becoming is more animal than man, and now he must sacrifice himself in order to preserve his flourishing empire.

IDEAS: (Links Only) I like the “Cursed Crown” cover you made and I want something simplistic like that. Either with a heart or tiara instead.

[center]INSPO PICS: (Links Only) https://i.pinimg.com/564x/64/cb/19/64cb19f5c38562e4a071cb593d0779e7.jpg
https://i.pinimg.com/564x/a3/50/37/a350371a690ab5855d5a0b19b1435b1a.jpg [/center]


Hi! Your GIFS are so neat! By the way, I requested on your previous thread and completed payment. Could you tell me if there are any chances that you deliver it, please?


TITLE: Operation: Bloody America

SUBTITLE: (Optional) The Beginning Of The End

AUTHOR: Vanessa Jewel

FACE CLAIMS: (If necessary) no

SHORT SUMMARY: The zombie apocalypse has finally happened. Before it, Dana was a party animal with diagnosed PTSD and the only thing that is helping her with a mental breakdown is; Weed. But after a serious break down she is nursed in New York General. But instead of waking up in her Hospital bed, she wakes up on top of a van, surrounded by zombies with no idea how she got there. She’s contemplating whether or not to just end it all until she finds a joint in her pocket then suddenly she sees… them. At first, Dana thinks it’s just exposure to weed causing her to hallucinate, but as they come closer she has no option but to accept that what she’s seeing is real. Someone really is coming down the highway on an SUV, cutting down zombies with a sword.

IDEAS: (Links Only) I want something badass like an apocalyptic city as a background, big 3D letters(bleeding if possible) A girl in spandex suit or some kind of letter shooting or holding guns(I have photos of a perfect girl) and if you can add a lollipop in her mouth that would be perfect. I want it inviting, badass, full of action, full-on Apocalypse.

[center]INSPO PICS: (Links Only)

! 5006921509_81f6f0d730|337x499 resident-evil-afterlife-3d-poster 660577-b V1 resident-evil-the-final-chapter-movie-poster-2017-1020776957 - The girl: t1UIt0L_d vDdAxls_d [/center]

ANYTHING ELSE: I love your covers! Sanctium


You are accepted. please complete payment

also, were you thinking a realistic heart?

Delivered it on the other thread

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you are semi-accepted.please do NOT complete payment until further notice. Id, like to attempt this first just because cutting images, isn’t my strong suit

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TITLE: Mistress of Death


AUTHOR: M. Du Toit

FACE CLAIMS: Flavia Sayuri with green eyes

SHORT SUMMARY: Hariel Potter is betrayed by her friends and murdered, but as the Mistress of Death she has a chance to get her revenge against everyone as well as her freedom at last. FemHarry, TimeTravel

IDEAS: https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/wattpad/original/4X/2/d/4/2d435c508ce15122db96cec52a14d272ff6f5776.jpeg https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/wattpad/original/4X/9/8/8/9883cb9d76220be19ebcfc5fdd2c938ddb68be1c.jpeg

INSPO PICS: http://fav.me/ddh1zu6

ANYTHING ELSE: Sanctum!! Also can you make the colour scheme green



You are accepted. please complete payment

also, were you thinking a realistic heart?

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Your graphics are beautiful! I might request later :slight_smile:

I have no preference. It’s up to you. :slight_smile: thank you!

Ive finished your cover please let me know once youve complete payment


TYPE OF GIF: Alphabet gif (I think)
TEXT: 1. Cassie Tyler 2. Callum Murphy 3. Kaylee Riley 4. Lucas Holden 5. Lucy Tyler 6. Deke Trenton 7. Sierra Jones 8. Carter Levi
FACE CLAIM(S): 1. Megan Fox 2. Aaron Paul 3. Carrie Underwood 4. Chad White 5. Hailee Stenfield 6. Benjamin Eidem 7. Katie McGrath 8. Giulio Berruti

GIFS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
ANYTHING ELSE: I just copied and pasted everything from the previous shop. inspo

TITLE: Little Red

SUBTITLE: (Optional) N/A

AUTHOR: moonsity

FACE CLAIMS: (If necessary) N/A

[center]SHORT SUMMARY: There is a legend that went in rounds in the kingdom of Fearolc. Every twenty years came a being with powers unknown to any human, and when it left a young maiden was always missing. We call it the Day of Ruadh. During the day, we would all lay offerings at the front of our doors and close the windows in fear of it setting sights on one of our daughters.

There are some who have claimed to see them, roaming around in wolves skin with the wisdom of a human.

The Day of Ruadh nears as we prepare to close our doors and hide our daughters in hope that we would be passed over.

There is one thing that never changes, no matter who tells the story.

No Chosen One ever escapes the Ruadh.

Until now. [/center]

IDEAS: (Links Only) I was thinking of a lady in a red cloak with a wolf behind her with a bloody muzzle. The background could be a red forest of some sort!!

INSPO PICS: (Links Only) https://imgur.com/a/lZoewxJ



You are accepted. please complete payment


You are accepted. please complete payment and let me know once complete

Thanks!!! Payment done!!