🍀 Off-Season Wattys Support Group 🍀


Hello and welcome to the Off-Season Wattys Support Group. My ultimate goal is to support you with writing or editing your 2020 Wattys entry. And also just provide a nice and supportive hub for either hardened veteran writers, seasoned ones or completely fresh ones.

You won’t find critics or beta readers here. Please go to #story-services to look for those.

You can ask for feedback on summaries, blurbs, short exerpts and stuff like that. Please just don’t link to your story as that counts as self-advertisement and isn’t allowed.

:four_leaf_clover: Calendar :four_leaf_clover:

30th of September: Watty Winners Announced!!!

:four_leaf_clover:October: Talk about the winners - plans for next year - goals list - NaNo Prep -

:trophy: 2nd of October - Watty Winner AMA with @thatCalamity :trophy:

:trophy: 4th of October 2 PM UK time - Watty Winner AMA with @LuliWrites :trophy:

:trophy: 5th of October - Watty Winner AMA with @Dear_Rhian :trophy:

:four_leaf_clover: November: NaNo Support - “Do as Much as You Can”-November

:four_leaf_clover: December: @KR_Williams’s Advent Calendar Challenge

:four_leaf_clover: List info :four_leaf_clover:

The tag list: Just tag me and tell me you want on or off it and it shall be done.

The Achievements List: Any great achievement goes here - just holler and I’ll put it there.

The Goals’ List: Whatever writing goal you have, just ask me to put it on the list! :sparkles:

:cactus: Rules :cactus:

  1. No advertising or spamming
  2. Keep it mostly writing related, otherwise, we gotta move to #the-cafe
  3. Be nice - fighting, trashtalking, bullying etc. won’t be tolerated
  4. It’s an inclusive thread - remember to stay respectful of others
  5. Everyone is welcome!


:four_leaf_clover:@darvruni :four_leaf_clover: @calmwolf :four_leaf_clover: @StarbucksMocha :four_leaf_clover: @SapphireAlena :four_leaf_clover: @poznati :four_leaf_clover: @SurferJulz :four_leaf_clover: @HayleyDooley :four_leaf_clover: @hcwilhelm :four_leaf_clover: @Olubean :four_leaf_clover: @MistickMage :four_leaf_clover: @JuliaLundstrom :four_leaf_clover: @FantasybkLover :four_leaf_clover: @EchoeOtto :four_leaf_clover: @KR_Williams :four_leaf_clover: @marinam56 :four_leaf_clover: @Lucille_Dixon :four_leaf_clover: @kadauhara99 :four_leaf_clover: @shadowsettle :four_leaf_clover: @houseofmirrors :four_leaf_clover: @Exequinne :four_leaf_clover: @Hubrism :four_leaf_clover: @Nablai :four_leaf_clover: @minahava :four_leaf_clover: @ReyenaScarr :four_leaf_clover: @rosemaryandrue :four_leaf_clover:



:awfrasier: @AWFrasier - finished Horror short story + cover

:fox_face: @KR_Williams - Finished first chapter of graphic novel

:rabbit: @Hubrism found the title for my upcoming nano project, a fantasy YA.

:bird: @Dear_Rhian - 1k reads and 250 votes


:dagger: @poznati :tada:

:bird: @Dear_Rhian :tada:

:heart: @authorhlumelo :tada:

:volcano: @thatCalamity :tada:

:pen: @LuliWrites :tada:

:yellow_circle: @kateryderbooks :tada:

:sunflower: @minahava :tada:



:awfrasier: @AWFrasier - Write “Conspiracy of Ravens” - Finish Bastards and Thorns - Finish “Horns”

:star: @LailaLiliana - Become a Wattpad Star - Get back to updating regularly - Finish outline for next project

:rose: @rosemaryandrue - Finish novel before November 1st

:dagger: : @poznati - finish revisions in a timely manner - become a WattPairs Mentor

:house: @houseofmirrors - get back to weekly updates and complete first draft by the end of the year

:diamond: @SapphireAlena - write next chapter this weekend - rework pitch (maybe edit plot too)

:fox_face: @KR_Williams - Finish Mortician of Avalon before the end of the year - Write 50,000 words of Vee for Nanowrimo - Develop author brand

:tea: @sarakbeeksma - Finish Bloodlust 40K - War of Ages 100K for NaNoWriMo - Edit Pitch for TTOC

:owl: @JuliaLundstrom - Add new content to the TMOE trilogy - Rewrite the TMOE trilogy - Rewrite Virtuosity - Finish Daydreams and Nightshade - Finish at least two side stories

:surfing_woman: @SurferJulz - finish novel - win NaNo - pitch for pitch workshop for TSoaSC

:coffee: @StarbucksMocha - Finish novel

:alien: @DomiSotto - Finish and polish novel

:bear: @kukamukies - Finish first draft

:dancer: @MarinaM56 - Finish novels

:purple_circle: @SerdraGondex - finish the first three episodes (about eighteen chapters) of “Reminiscia: Season 1” by December

:cherry_blossom: @hcwilhelm - Finish half of JANUS (book 2) by end of October

:fire: @HayleyDooley - Finish fifth novel

:rabbit: @Hubrism - drafting three books, querying one, continuing to develop my silly goose author brand and participating in the wattys again.

:spider: @MaskedParkers - winning a Watty

:pen: @LuliWrites - Don’t get a D

:green_apple: @ThingsUCantImagine Be more active on the forums - rewrite and restructure completed Sci Fi story - write a chapter a week for current WIP - recomence work on a shelved WIP

:maple_leaf: @ReyenaScarr - finish three novels before 2020

:beach_umbrella: @tidalbay - Add ~5k to A Darkness of Wolves - Finish Somewhere Only We Know between 50-55k - Complete 1 new MG book for Nanowrimo 2019 - Participate in DVPit and PitMad on Twitter - Successfully attend a writing retreat - Start Tell Me About Kate - Complete required edits on books to be published early 2020


And we’re open for business!

@LailaLiliana that was one smooth kill, hot damn. :fire:


Now we can get to killing this thread :smiling_imp:

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Ok I second this ^^^
I just read that and wow. Hot damn.

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Hahaha, one post at a time! :muscle:

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I just convinced my mom to do NaNo and she just went in a riff about how she’s at an advantage because she doesn’t have school and… I’m going to need the support guys :joy:


I appreciate this, as an adult with limited energy😅


May I join even if I’m not planning anything major? :smiley: @AWFrasier
I’m also not much of a talker and tend to go mute in big threads. :sweat_smile:


Yes! Welcome. Right now we’re just freaking out about Wattys results coming out on Monday. Hopefully one of us gets something for the achievement board that day :joy:


Wow, it’s so close. XD
I kind of forgot, which is bad of me. I’ll bring videos and gifs to make up for it. :rofl::heart:
Now, that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t wait to see who wins.


Of course! You wanna be added to the tag list? :smile:

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Yes, thank you.

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:joy::joy::joy: I really thought it wasn’t going to let me add the second comment. When I typed the first, it was at 9998. When I submitted it, it said over 10,000. And I was like oh man, now I just look like a weirdo.

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DONE! :white_check_mark:

Naaaaah, that was super cool :sunglasses: I didn’t even realise it had closed and then I scrolled down and just sat there like “huh… Well that was smooth.”

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I’m cool as a cucumber :cucumber: :joy:

I’m so ready for September 30th! I can’t wait to be like I KNOW SO MANY WATTY WINNERS :tada: It’s kind of like knowing celebrities :star_struck:


Is this a record for going past 10,000 replies? Didn’t know this was possible.



Also, if y’all protostars wanna join the Wattys party over here, you’re more than welcome on Monday! :tada::wine_glass::beers: