offended when people don't want to read LGBT+?

This happened when I was looking for people to critique my work and I started to see things like I don’t read LGBT along w/ other stuff like erotica and fanfiction.
And I’m here like :face_with_head_bandage:

LGBT+ people do exist, so you’re going to find them in writing. I find this low-key homophobic/biphobic/transphobic/etc.

How is this different than people saying they won’t read diverse lit? Is that a problem too?

To each their own, I guess. But I thought we were better than this.

I dislike them a lot, if you said I won’t read stories with insert any minority group in them it would seem ridiculous to most people. I don’t see how saying lgbt + is any different.


yes ikr

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Please, nothing against LGBT+ or you, but there is already a discussion on this topic:


oml that reply

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I just clicked the thread. I’m innocent! :laughing:


Personally, I do not read books in the LGBTQ+ genre. That is not for any lack of love or anything against the people, it’s just not what I like to read. I also don’t read books in the horror genre.

I will, of course, read books with LGBTQ+ characters. And I read books with scary elements; but I don’t read those genres.

I hope this is coming across the right way.
I think that a lot of the problem is with coming across wrong. Or being worded wrong. Say what you like to read, not what you don’t. Or if you are going to put down ground rules, (no erotica, no lgbtq, etc etc etc), then you need to do it in a clear, concise way that doesn’t offend anyone or sound rude.

And sometimes people take something worded politely and kindly in the very much so wrong way, and then things start to heat up there too.


I think I see what you mean. Do most people not want to read the LGBT+ genre then? Since it’s not my main genre, can I give my story to ppl who specify no lgbt?

e I’m getting confused.

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I have no idea.

Those at least some of those requests probably mean what they say, because I have a few friends who would rather not read that sort of character.
I’m not sure if asking specifically for books without that is the right thing to do, though. It certainly can come off as rude and discriminating.

I read LGBT+ too, but I think it’s more a matter of tastes. Some people like the genre, some doesn’t - just like I can’t really stand romance :joy:


oof yeah when someone gets to the point where they don’t want to read a book w/ any lgbt+ characters it gets homophobic.

I guess I could ask what critics mean by no lgbt but that could go south real quick

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking. :neutral_face:

I mostly steer clear of story requests anyways. This is in part why.

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It’s hard to tell whether or not these folks mean the LGBT genre or a story with any LGBT content. Right now, there is no LGBT genre on Wattpad, but it is a category.

Is a category more like a tag or more like a sub-genre?


Well darlin’, I hover up LGBT works, I love to read and write the stuff :wink:
I’ll have a peek! What’s the inner genre? Romance? Thriller? X

P.S I ain’t a fan of fanfiction though, I must say…


I think, officially, no.

It most would be Contemporary, subgenre LGBTQ+. But then you could also have Sci-Fi, subgenre LGBTQ+.

That’s my mistake. I meant subgenre.

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Oh I thought there was an LGBT+ genre on wattpad. I really don’t know anymore

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Oh coolio. despite my username, I don’t write fanfic.
My genre is humor/scifi

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I guess it comes down to preference (something that has been discussed in length in other threads).

See, I personally wouldn’t do it for two reasons: 1. Romances aren’t my thing anyway 2. I’m straight and I would find it difficult to effectively fantasize about a LGBT relationship.

It’s not anything against the community either, my girlfriend is bi, and her first love for many years was her best friend- another girl. There’s no judgement, it’s just personal taste, I promise :slight_smile:


If you’re having difficulty, just with any kind of genre, you may want to use the search bar to find threads that specify they do those kinds of story requests. I know they’re out there, I’ve seen them, but the search may need to be refined.

There has been much debate over this matter, as it was pointed out, there’s another new thread on this topic, but it’s a relatively done deal already.

Also, if you’re confused about whether the thread creator is considering LGBTQ a genre, category, or just generalizing, you could probably just PM and ask. They may be meaning it in one way and just didn’t get that across properly.

Hope that helps.


Sweet! I’ll follow you right back. Because I am firm in the opinion that we underground authors must stick together and support each other! X

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