offended when people don't want to read LGBT+?



Do you think most LGBT+ are assumed to be romances (that’s sounds kinda rude lol i don’t mean it like that)?
B/C I understand not wanting to read a romance novel.


yep thanks


absolutely <3


That’s the mistake I see so often… I am bi and don’t have any qualms with lgbt+ characters or stories, if they are written well.
But my ex-room mate is a lesbian and she wouldn’t touch stories with lesbian characters with a ten-foot pole. Something about bad representation and stuff like that.


That another very good point.


Fair question! No, but I wouldn’t want to read a book that sexuality in any sense is the focal point.

You could say: “My book is about a white, straight Male with curly hair, brown eyes and a knack for singing.” And guess what? I’d never read the book. Why? Because to me the most important thing about a character isn’t who they are at face value, it’s how they interact with the world.


Incoming bad representation vs no representation


It’s not my argument. I’m just saying. :wink:


And in the spirit of the moment let’s say you pitch me a story like this:

“Standing alone in a world veiled by violent traditions and senseless ideologies, Sally carves a path into society and delves into the unknown. With nothing but the drumming beat of her heart to push her forward, she must face the realities of the world if she is to redefine herself and stay true to who she really is. A battle of wills. Will she crumble beneath the might of tradition or will she tear through the fabric, and show the world who she truly is? And who will stand by her side throughout it all?”

Look, I’m still waking up so that isn’t a great description but you get the picture. The alternate to the same story would be this:

“Sally is a transgender woman with blonde hair and ebony skin who falls in love with Harry, the handsome butcher who is Bi.”

They’re the same story, but one description centers around sexuality, while the other is about self preservation and identity. It’s about the struggles of either staying with the flow of the norm, or creating a new normal.


Yeah, I agree with this. I don’t like to read stories where LGBTQ+ is the focus of the story, because characters are so much more than just gay or just bi or just pan. I don’t look for stories with, say, gay characters, I just look for stories and if there happens to be a gay character, that’s written well, bonus points lol

Just making sure we’re on the same page, I’m not homophobic or anything, I just don’t specifically look for those types of stories. I don’t want those themes to be at the forefront, I want the characters to be at the forefront and their sexuality to be a part of it, not the defining feature. I wouldn’t read LGBTQ+ specifically, just stories with LGBTQ+. Like my fantasy story has two gay chars, but it’s a fantasy novel and that’s not the focus. I like it normalized and not standing out, because I just want it to be something you can go “oh, they’re asexual? cool”


Tbh, i don’t want peeps who know in advance that they won’t like my book to read my book, so I am happy they put their preferences on. (Shrug) so if I see on their lists things they do not like, it is easier for me to find folks with whom my book stands at least some chance.

Like, chances of me liking a teen romance set in a high school between an abusive werewolf and an average someone are slim to none.


Is there anyone here who honestly wants anyone to read something they don’t want to read? I don’t think so, not even in a “not giving it a fair shot is discrimation” sense.


Maybe, lots of people do but don’t think of it that way, I think. That’s a very complicated question, because it works like the “just be yourself” type thing. What if you’re a rapist? Should you still “just be yourself”? Like, what if you’re being obviously bigoted? Should you be forced to read something? Is having a negative opinion okay as long as you don’t act on it? Is it ok to be a pedophile if you don’t do anything illegal? It’s very murky water, and there aren’t really any straight answers I can give to that besides the fact I don’t want anyone to be forced to read anything.


Precisely. As writers, we all have to deal with this in one way or another.

To me, t’s upsetting that my WIP Valiant is sitting at nearly 500 reads, because with how much passion and work I put into it I believe it deserves 5 million…

But as a fantasy with little to no romantic subplots, I’m cutting against the grain on Wattpad. All I can do is find those that want to read it and cross my fingers.


Exactly. It is murky. There is no ultimately correct answer, and it is important to hold off on black and white thinking. There must be room for nuance in these discussions.


True, but I think this might be a difference between an amateur who’s writing a story w/ ulterior motives (second blurb), and a more experienced person writing LGBT+ characters.

I see your point though, I wouldn’t want to read a book w/ characters that were only defined by their sexuality.


I feel ya man (not assuming lol), my fantasy story The Road of Man cut against the grain a ton, and it still hasn’t gotten 100 reads after being on WP for several months. I can only hope the same thing doesn’t happen to my other story Eardwulf.

It sounds really interesting! I might just check it out.


Wholeheartedly agree! I write very dark fiction dealing with the internal struggle of rape and rape recovery. I don’t even take it into the critique sections anymore because I don’t want anyone who isn’t looking for that type of content to read it.


My heart is thumping with how civil this discussion is going. I love that everyone is making attempts to understand exactly what the original poster asked, instead of beating the other parties down.

Aha! I get so excited when free speech translates to open discussion.


I get erotica and fanfiction since it isn’t for everyone and a genre/sub-genre choice. LGBT+ isn’t a genre for me and shouldn’t be a reason not to read a story. I don’t know what people assume a book with LGBT+ representation is supposed to contain, if they thinkt it will have exploit it sex scenes or something.

I think some people just need some time to understand and find a taste for stories they haven’t read before or have assumtions that no one has spoken against yet. Some can think they can’t critique on the representation and therefore say no. That they state no diversity can have so many reasons and many problematic, but there may also be those who just need another year for it to click for them.