offended when people don't want to read LGBT+?



oml stay strong cuz


It’s sad when people automatically assume anything, really. That’s part of the problem.


Honestly, you could argue this day and night and absolutely nothing will change.

From one LGBT+ writer to the other, just find an LGBT+ critic. You can message me for suggestions, or heck, I’m in the mood for stuff to read. I’ll take a look at it if you want.


Sure! If you don’t mind


Cool! I’m Saintc on wattpad. :slight_smile: You can message me there.


I don’t have any problem with LGBT characters any more than any other type of character, as long as they’re good characters. I really think that there are some erroneous assumptions made on both sides, and some issues that are part of the problem, but not being addressed in the dialogue - like the proliferation of non-LGBT writing LGBT content that’s really … not good, in so many ways.

@Cricketreadsfanfic It’s original, isn’t it? Not Fanfiction, I mean?


At the end of the day people are going to read and write what they want, and I’m personally not a person to beg an unwilling person to read my stuff—I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Get familiar with their communities and work within them.

I notice it’s always newish writers making this complaint. People who’ve been on this site since forever and has gotten familiar with the community have everything they need within arm’s length more or less.

(And like, it’s an advantage born from a disadvantage. LGBT+ writers/readers/artist are more willing to help each other out.)


hmm well I understand if its not wanting romance, or if they don’t think they can accurately give feedback on the lgbt+ experience?. But at the same time I don’t think you have to be lgbt+ to read lgbt+ stories or characters or to comment on how effective the writing or character development is.


Jordan, I’d like to say I’m enjoying your discourse here. Just to add to this line of the thread, I’d love to say my sexual identity has nothing to do with my core person; however, our interactions with the world shape our identity. We are each a combination of who we think we are, who others think we are, and who we really are. As such, we can’t separate how others see us from the fabric of our identity.

Some folks can’t see past the gay. So, even if I’d rather people see me as just another writer, irrespective of my characters’ sexualities, when readers get hung up on “sexual identity,” they reduce the whole of who I am and what I write to one aspect of a character.

Let me be clear in saying I don’t expect, nor do I want, anyone to be forced to read anything. But when it comes to why people get so upset, perhaps it’s because there is an expectation that we and our writing won’t be stripped to one single component. (By the way, I love how you lay out the difference between a one-dimensional storyline that centers purely on sexuality and one that explores broader, perhaps more interesting subjects.)

I will always write LGBTQ characters, and I write romance. Some people don’t like either. I don’t demand anyone clamor to the paperback shelves and read me just to prove their “wokeness.”

Yet, I sometimes roll eyes at the No LGBTQ threads because they’re one more thing in a litany of special treatments I encounter based solely on my sexuality. Such as not being allowed to tour a school where I was enrolling my daughter because administration didn’t “have permission from other parents” for my partner and I to, oh, just do what every other parent does when enrolling their kid in a new school. In other words, it’s rarely about the critic saying No this or that. Granted, Wattpad says leave your griefs at the door, but whether I like it or not, my sexuality is as much a part of my identity (in so much as how others respond to me) as, say, my skin color or sex.


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I absolutely agree


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Dang, I thought this was the same thread reposted at first. :joy:

I’ll be honest and say I don’t read LGBT stories because a lot of them are about romance and I don’t like romance as a whole. I think everyone, especially critics, have the right to read whatever they want. I mean, why would you want someone with an already skewed view reading your story? They’re probably not going to like it.


I mean, if i’m an hetero person, of curse i woundn’t want/lie to read a history wich main focus is a gay couple as much as a gay person would want too


Another component is that written words don’t convey body language or tonal cues. I could call you a genius and you wouldn’t know if I was complimenting, being insulting, or kidding you unless I stated it, because you can’t hear the sincerity, sarcasm, or amusement in the way I say it.

That’s just plain bullshit. This is what comes of having to tiptoe around people being ‘offended’ by every little thing and other people trying to tap dance around it. Reality is, you’re a parent, just like any other parent. That’s life. Anyone that wants to get upset because you want to visit your kid’s school need’s a serious reality check. I mean what do they think you’re going to do, infect somebody?


Just want to throw my 2cents in here if may. I noticed very recently when getting ready to put my newest posting up, that in the Genre catagories, there is no LGBT+ catagory to choose and I ended up putting the book under general fiction and just using alot of LGBT tags.


LGBT has never been a category / genre on Wattpad, just theme or tag.


slumps over in total disappointment.


I’m not sure I understand?


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