offended when people don't want to read LGBT+?



I encouraged the LGBT community to get organized and standardize their tags (to make things easier to find) a long time ago. The decision to not make LGBT+ a genre or category was made because LGBT+ should not be segregated, but instead mainstreamed, but at the same time accessible for searching out - by tags - to those who prefer it.


Honestly, when I went over the list, I found it to be severely lacking overall.


I used to read a lot of LGBT+ books but now’ I don’t becouse a man is made for woman and a woman is made for a man… lesbian, Gay or any relationship like this just don’t fit in this world though I read them as it is fantasy, unreal thing or not possible but, I don’t mind these LGBT+ people’s they do deserve to be happy.


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Well I am new here, I only just joined last month on the 15th and there is no where on this site anywhere that says anything about “if you can’t find your Genre, consult XXXXX” and frankly, I shouldn’t have to. Paranormal is there, and Romance is there, but what about those who want to be listed as Paranormal Romance. No recourse but to choose one and tag their work with the other. Not really productive.


Sorry if you find my english a bit off as it is not my native language but, I am trying really hard for it.


I can’t, I mustn’t, Oh my…


As of now, category is pretty much irrelevant as far as searching and the SYS lists are far more open than they used to be. Users looking for Paranormal Romance can find your story if you tag it as such.


So the tags are more important than the Genre? Well that is good to know I guess.


Tags are the thing, yes. Have you been by here:


I have now, thank you very much.


Hey, thanks for your response!

I get what you’re saying: society creates for us what I’d like to refer to as the effigy of belonging. Thanks to this, each and every one of our actions culminates into what many refer to as their identity.

“We are each a combination of who we think we are, who others think we are, and who we really are.” - it’s strange, I both love and abhor this statement in equal measures. To me, my identity is my dream, but I know I’m not like everyone else. For me, the dream came first, and the person came second. Everything up to this point in my life has been directed by the flow of causality to ensure my dream, who I am, is fulfilled.

Society’s view as me will never matter and will never shake my identity as I am but the product of my dream.

Of course, not everyone is like this and because of my beliefs above, I tend to go into these discussions with tunneled vision. It’s a weird assumption that people get caught up in with these topics, and that’s that everyone thinks the same way.

Also, I just want to add that I truly detest what happened to you and your partner with the school tour. No one deserves to be treated like that because you, lesserknown1, are just as special as everyone else.


You know why I’ve gone on this rant? It’s to thank you for giving me insight into a world I’m not familiar with. Like I said, I didn’t like that quote of yours above simply because the concept was foreign to me and didn’t fit into my box of understanding.
To some people, where they belong in society, and how that same society reacts to them, is what defines them and their identity. The effigy of belonging.

I’m sorry if I’ve come across as ignorant at any point in this discussion! My goal is just to learn more and get a better understanding of people.


You didn’t come across as ignorant at all, and that’s why it was such a pleasure to engage in discourse with you. Thanks for your thoughtful response, Jordan. You’ve offered food for thought, as well.


I write erotic male/male stories here on Wattpad and other sites, and they do very well. Even though I include content and trigger warnings, I still get backlash comments from haters. I simply remove them. I don’t get offended by homophobes, I feel sorry for them. They are, for the most, under the influence of bad religions which have brainwashed them. If they have to vent their fear and anger on a writing site - well, that’s just pathetic.

However, I think those who advertise they don’t want to read LGBT should have the right to do it. If they don’t enjoy it they should not have to read it. That’s just common sense. I dislike fantasy. If I was forced to read books about dragons I’d stop reading. I understand that some peeps don’t want to read about gays or trans or anybody queer, and that’s their right. It’s not hate speech or discrimination. It’s just preference

When you do get hate mail in your PMs or hate comments in your chapters or conversation page, that’s discrimination. And if your LGBT books are very successful you probably will get some. That’s when you have to take action, report it to HQ, and then remove it.


Where did you come up with that weird idea?


Look at the two examples below. One I concider to be acceptable, the other not. I think it’s a line we need to distinguish here.

I am fine with LGBTQ characters but if > your story has heavy LGBTQ themes I
may not be the best person to critique it, and I suggest you find someone else.

No LGBT characters or ideas. It’s against my religion


I think both are acceptable. Neither is expressing discrimination or hatred, just honesty. The first knows she’s not capable of doing the best to critique a story she doesn’t know much about the lifestyle of the characters. The second is saying it’s against her religion. That a;one should make us feel sorry for her, poor thing. Those religions are not easy to live with.


You are absolutely right to see it for the homophobic/biphobic/transphobic/etc rubbish that these people are spouting! Honestly, these smallminded types don’t deserve the amazing work put out by diverse authors or the diverse characters in our worlds. Stuff 'em! I’ll be even queerer (my preferred term for myself) and diverse just to annoy them! FiGhT mE~!

On a side and more personal note;
I’m a trans man and rarely do I see a story about trans men that isn’t focused on the actual transition. In my life, I honestly forget I’m trans. I just do my thing. I have dysphoria but I have a million other things on my mind too.


I think if you also take time to read the other things they don’t want to read or critique, you can get an idea of what they mean by “no lgbt”. For example, if they’ve listed other genres, they probably mean they don’t want a story focused around the lgbt romance or something similar. If they’ve listed themes, they mean themes probably involving coming out or something.

And sure there are people who just feel they don’t have the ability to critique it properly. I couldn’t critique action or pure romance. I also think it’s fair for people to wanna critique something they have a chance of enjoying. They’re offering their services and time to others and it’s fair if they want to have a chance to enjoy it as well.

If someone doesn’t like horror stories, they’re probably going to not wanna critique them as well. Or someone might not like a theme of mental health so they might not want to critique it or feel they don’t have the knowledge to do so. There are definitely multiple factors. And you can ask them of course. Or if that’s too scary, you can just move on. But from what I see, the majority of the time people usually mean they don’t want the lgbt romance. Of course, it can be clearer. But that’s just what I observe.


True trans men are severely underrepresented
Thx for the support m8