Offering All Trailers + free book mock-up with requests.

Hey, all.
I’m offering all sorts of trailers. If you want one fill out the form below. Please, follow some simple rules.

  • no thread hopping. (Requesting graphic at different threads)
  • be patient (trailers take time)
  • do payment after acceptance.

The payment is a permanent follow, x2 comments on a proper chapter of my story, not the character or trailer pages. And credit once trailer is delivered.


Forms For Trailers

  • Full Teaser Character ship chapter cast Intro
  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Genre:
  • Summary:
  • Required text:
  • Cast:
  • Mood:
  • Book cover:
  • Song(s):
  • Ideas:
  • Clips:
  • Anything Else?:
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Hi, what are your examples?

I only have one example right now. As I’m starting over with making trailers.

I am writing my Open Novella entry right now, would you make a trailer for it?

Just fill out the form and I’ll let you know if I can do it or not.



[quote=“coastie06, post:2, topic:205880”]

  • Full Trailer
  • Title: Call of the Wolves
  • Author: D.D. Raine and Fiona Calou
  • Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Summary: Taylor Lone is an ordinary girl… or at least, that’s what she hoped. But she has a special ability. She can hear the call of the wolves. The same wolves that put her mom in an asylum after a deadly car crash. The police claimed it was an accident, but was it? The wolves whisper to her, calling her to the place of her nightmares. Are dreams only real when we sleep? The truths of her being begin to come to light, but who can she trust? Someone is coming, and Taylor is the only one who can stop them. Her father abandoned her, but now he and her friends are her best chance at survival. She must save her pack from imminent danger; will she fight or will she fall? Can she survive her choices? Can we? The wolves are calling. Will she answer?
  • Required text: ^ summary
  • Cast:Lucy Hale-Taylor Lone, Gavin Leatherwood-Caesar (main wolf, in Taylor’s dreams), Anne Winters-Eliza (friend) Jensen Ackles-Derek (Taylor’s father), Tyler Posey-Alex (friend), Elizabeth Reaser-Audrey (Taylor’s mother)
  • Mood: Dark, mysterious, action-packed
  • Book cover: wolves copy 2
  • Song(s): Natural-Imagine Dragons, Bad Dream-Ruelle, Empire of Our Own-Raign, or Howl-Jake Houlsby
    I’m rewriting the book so the summary, characters, and a new author is different but I do like this idea of how the trailer should look in a way
  • Clips:
  • Anything Else?: Thank you so much !
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I’m sorry, your denied. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it justice.

  • Full Trailer
  • Title: Angel Diaries
  • Author: Rayven Luna Nite
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Summary: During the war of Heaven and Hell, one angel took a chance for a love in hell. But can she survive in Hell? And what domino effet will her decision have on the 7 realms?
  • Required text: Whoever said one person couldn’t make a difference was wrong
  • Cast: Nyxie Delor (main character, angel with black hair and black wings), Erys Sentis (silver haired demon, love interest), Len Daemon (black haired demon God,) astrania Dela Cruz (red haired angel goddess)
  • Mood: Drama, action
  • Book cover:
  • Song(s): Imperfection by Evanescence
  • Ideas: the plot of the series resolves around one woman’s choice changing history for an entire universe so maybe something dramatic and shocking? An angel betrays heaven for a demon, that’s pretty shocking
  • Clips: whatever you think will work
  • Anything Else?: Maybe just the setting of hell plus some exterior/interior shots of a castle?
    Is this doable?

Do you have any specific people you want in the trailer? Or are you happy for me to use people with the description you added?

Hmm… Amy Lee (Evanescence) for Nyxie, Elyse Dufour for Astrania, singer Nathan James for Len, and I can’t think of anyone for Erys so I guess have fun with him? I really appreciate the work you’ll be doing! I’ll put this at the front of my book with credit to you

Accepted. I’ll give you this one for free. Thanks for requesting here.

Aww, thank you! No problem, you have high quality work :smiley:

  • Full Trailer
  • Title: WereWolf Girl
  • Author: Awkward Lili
  • Genre: Fantasy/Werewolf
  • Summary: A girl must uncover the prophecy and bring about it, while battleing the WereWolf king and running away from Hunter, his son.
  • Required text: The girl with a twisted destiny. Sometimes prophecies are meant to be broken.
  • Cast: Ivy (dark brown hair, green eyes) Peter (brown hair, blue eyes) Hunter (dark brown hair, chocolate eyes) Clayton (greyish-black hair)
  • Mood: Dark, moody
  • Book cover:
  • Song(s): Rise by Katy Perry, Diamond Heart by Alan Walker
  • Ideas: A prophecy being unveiled and some werewolf scenes, and a girl and boy fighting. Anything dramatic really.
  • Clips: You pick!
  • Anything Else?: Some shots of maybe a large tree?

Accepted. Please complete the payment of a permanent follow, x2 comments on the prologue and chapter of my story and credit once trailer is delivered.

  • Full Teaser Character ship chapter cast Intro
  • Title: Morbid
  • Author: Devgie
  • Genre: General Fiction/Drama/Thriller
  • Summary:
    Renny and Jenny, two perfect girls who drive men to the brink of madness. No matter where they go, they are envied. No matter what they do, they are admired. Men would sell their souls for one night with them, the most fashionable venues let them in for free, and they can’t go outside without being offered modeling offers from fashion agencies. But behind the tantalizing good looks lies cruelty, insecurities, boredom and identity conflicts. One day, Renny and Jenny see an obese girl in the metro, and Jenny gets a plan, a plan that involves getting Renny to make a website meant to publically shame morbidly obese girls … a plan that has devastating consequences.
  • Required text:
  • Cast:

Renny: Asian (with brown skin, thai or filipino, could pass off as latina), mid-long black hair. that reaches her shoulders. Looks sad. Beautiful.


Arabic (Lebanese). Lighter tan skin than Renny, but not by much. Beautiful. Sexy, femme fatale look. Lots of makeup.

Two cops:

One looks like Horatio from CSI Miami, the other has a Sikh turban. If needed you can just put shots of the first cop.


Caucasian. Sexy blonde with green eyes. Slicked back hair, hasn’t shaved in 2-3 days look. Looks kind of like a bad boy. Ripped. Jock. Sleeps with Renny and has a complicated relationship with her.


Black hair, average looking. Caucasian. Thin and short. Gothic-looking, a bit. Is secretly in love with Renny.

  • Mood: Nostalgic, sad, depressed, dramatic, suspenseful
  • Book cover:
  • Song(s): Genius, by LSD and Big Girls Cry, from Sia
  • Ideas: Lots of shots of Renny, the main character, and maybe her looking at her secret crush Jenny with sadness and longing. Shots of overweight girls that look like they just commited suicide. Shots of people clubbing. An interrogation room. Somebody typing in the search bar.
  • Clips: You choose!
  • Anything Else?:

Super dramatic and suspenseful, pls!