Offering Critique for new(ish) novels

I’m looking for new books to read and willing to offer constructive criticism.

I have a number of years of experience in writing and have self-published three novels (and sold a few) on Amazon. Hopefully, I can impart some of that wisdom to you

No payment is required, but I’d appreciate you giving my latest novel a read and a comment if you like.

I’m in. Here’s my book. Only 9 chap up.

Title- Dreams of you
Genre- Fantasy Romance (Mature)

I’ll be happy to read yours.

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Just reading by @NickfEast then I’ll give yours a read. Would you like my comments on your work or in DM’s?

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In DM’s would be just fine.

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No problem :+1:

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I’d love for you to look at my story!

Title: Jericho
Genre: Spiritual I guess

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Hey! I’d be so happy if you’d be interested in checking mine out. I looked at yours and it looks like something I’ll be interested in reading even if you’re not! :slight_smile:

Story: Rise to Ashes
Genre: Horror
Mature content.

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I’ll start reading it in a little while :+1:

I would really appreciate any critique on Mimi’s Guide to Definitely Not Being Kidnapped by Faeries.
It’s a light-hearted YA fantasy with a touch of romance. Thanks so much!

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Is there any genres that you won’t cover? Just curious before posting.

Unorthodox by zuPasha
Science Fantasy

Same with the above post, what genres don’t you read?

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Do you take offline stories that are being written?

I do!

I’ll read anything, there’s been some great stories alrady come out of this, so expectations are high guys!

Starting it now :+1:

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Dark Redemption-A Shattered World Novel

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction

They are the cursed, the disowned, and the outcasts of the human and Shattered worlds. The boogeymen in the dark. They are seers.

Abandoned by his only living family member after a monster slaughtered the rest of his family, Logan Blake is a seer working as a contractor, a mercenary in the Shattered Community. Money and information on his family’s attacker have become his only meaning in life.

Now with his only ally, a half-elf named Samantha Grey, he is tasked with a job that threatens the very fabric of the Shattered World.

Will his skills and abilities thrust him forward into his destiny, or will this latest mission be his downfall?

Find out in Dark Redemption-A Shattered World Novel

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You’re next on the docket :metal:

bookmarked you dude :+1:


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Sorry, I missed your post! :crazy_face: will read a few chapters shortly to make it up to you