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Recently I started a new fan fiction and I thought offering my feedback would be a good way to get feedback on mine as well, as I know it helps us better our work.

:warning:I’ll only give feed back on a max of 3 chapters.

:memo:N O T E: I will only review fan fiction. I don’t care what kind it is, I just don’t prefer smut. Thanks.

:pencil2:What I’ll Do: After payment is completed and I’ve seen that you’ve done it, I’ll review the story you’ve listed for me and give you my feedback on things like grammar, detail, etc.

:moneybag:P a y m e n t: Give your feedback on my story, Rose. For every chapter you review on Rose, I’ll review that many chapters on your story.

:woman:t3:My profile username: rainekariss
:wilted_flower:Story: Rose

:memo:F O R M:
Your Username:
Your Story Name:
Fan Fiction Type:
Which Chapters:


:memo:Q U E U E:


Hello there!

Mentioning votes isn’t allowed as it could lead to vote trading which isn’t allowed on Wattpad. I’ve edited your first post to remove the mention of voting.

Thank you for understanding.

Prisim :prisim:
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I can’t find you or your story on Wattpad. Would you mind providing a link?

F O R M:
Your Username: TwistedNym
Your Story Name: Some of us die young
Fan Fiction Type: Modern AU, Drama/Romance
Which Chapters: 2,3,4


my username is @rainekariss ! I’ll message you soon!