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Hello! I’m looking for a review on my new book ‘Loving Trouble’ :smile: There is only four chapter out right now and is updated daily! I would like a paragraph review if you don’t mind but I’d be grateful with the essay style either.

Title: Loving Trouble
Blurb: People always ask me how I did it. How I loved the most feared guy in the world of street fighting.

I tell them I didn’t intend to. I just did and hoped he’d fall for me too.

Ryder Lynch was trouble with a capital T. He put the bad in bad boy but little did everyone know he was more than the cliché. That he was apart of something much bigger than little high school fights.

Amelia Davis’ past haunted her but she didn’t let it show as she entered the world of foster homes and rowdy foster kids. She put on an act of innocence to make herself seem weak, but she was anything but weak.

After reading writing craved into her new foster home’s wall, Amelia wants to run for the hills. She doesn’t as Ryder’s hold on her is too strong but if he finds out her past she’s done for.

But what if her past finds Ryder?

Thank you in advance

Summary:Mr. Arnaud Alamo and Isola Elm are teacher and student, pupil and mentor, lover and lover. How it happened no one knows and no one asked; instead they gossiped, spread rumors, and hid their envy.
Nothing to begrudge, Isola and Mr. Alamo now deal with the retribution placed upon them by society due to their reckless actions .
Isola labeled mentally unstable and Mr. Alamo facing rape allegations, this is the story of their love. If one could even say it was love.

I think essay style would be better as I want to know what you think of the overall writing an characters, especially if the characters are well fleshed out. Thank you.


I know you have a lot on your plate but if you are interested I have three books that are complete or nearly complete, and I’m looking for feedback whatever it may be.

A Perfect State

Mirror Me (Book 1)

Merry Sister Mary and the One and Only Killer


I’m new on Wattpad, and just want some feedback on my first chapter. I just want to catch any mistakes so I don’t make them in future chapters. My book is a dark fantasy. I would prefer an essay-style review, and feel free to be harsh.


I would love some feedback on my story Fighting for Freedom. It is complete and can be found here It’s about vampires, fighting, and a love triangle of sorts. Whatever works best for you is fine with me.


Hello! If you could go over my new book, there are only 5 chapters, that would be great (: I would prefer the end of each chapter review.

Title: The Luna Among Alphas
Author: Timmarica Spellman
Genre: Werewolf


Title: Half Life
Genre: Teen Fiction
Description: After the sudden death of her beloved brother Jack, Penny goes on a trip to find her brother by recreating every memory that they ever shared.


Hi, are you still open?


Can you do the first story in this collection when you find the time?


Hi, are you still open to requests? :slight_smile:


Title: GUVEN
Genre: romance\ action
Blurb: Güven is the Turkish word for trust which mean believing that someone is good, honest and will not harm you. When agent Eylül worked on the case of Erik Fuchs she did expect the horrific events that followed.
could you please do the review in one paragraph via PM not comments?


Can you review my high fantasy book please? I’d like to have the essay style please


I would love it if you could review my book! :slight_smile: You seem to have a lot of requests

Title: When Time Runs Out
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance
Summary: One day the clock runs down and you’re left wondering where all that time was wasted. Sometimes you wonder if you did enough; if you lived enough; if you have the proof to show that you made your time worthwhile.

Emma Roland has spent every moment of her life living to the fullest. The clothes she wear, the food she eats, and the people she spends her time with are all indications of the way she lived. But there comes a moment when you’re forced to stop and take a breath. Not everything is always so good and so fun; not every moment of your life will have a happy ending. And when Emma is forced into the darkest moment of her life, she fears that nothing will be able to save her.

Except maybe him.

A chapter by chapter review would probably be best. I only have 3 up so feel free to comment on however many you’d like :slight_smile:



Would love to hear from you. I prefer paragraph review per chapter. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


If you’re interested, I’m writing a fantasy/ sci-fi sort of thing based on the world of Magalin-Thuur that i’m creating. I’d love to know what you think of it.
There are nineteen chapters plus a prologue currently published on wattpad, though there are still a few more that I have yet to add. If you could read them and let me know what you think after each chapter, It would be much appreciated.



I’m writing a story that is legally a Harry Potter fanfiction.

If you are interested here is the link:'s-granddaughter


Hello! I would really love to get some feedback to my story The Truths That We Hide. The genre is romance and here is the summary:

❝It was like a game between the two of them until the other one stopped playing❞

They were enemies in high school. Pulling pranks, calling names and embarrassing each other in front of the school were in both of their’s daily schedules. That lasted almost three years until she disappeared mysteriously in the senior year without a word and he continued living a life the way it was before her.

Now, five years later both of them are busy with their lives. They haven’t seen or heard of each other since that day but the memories never disappeared. When they meet again after so long, neither of them was ready for the consequences.

And the link:

Thank you so much if you do it, I really appreciate it!


Caio! I just posted my first real chapter in my book, and I feel like it’s really just missing something. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how i might go about making the chapter feel more full and personable and have more flow. If you need character refernce, take a look at my first prologue called Prologue: Veronica Castillo.
Thank you so much for offering your services!!

by: @FrankieThread

Title: San Moirae: City of Fate

Genre: (Teen/YA?) Fiction


Luck is kinda a funny thing. Luck is the type of thing that makes you a jittery and excited inside when you find a penny facing up. It’s that feeling when something with a one-in-a-million chance of happening feels like it was destined to happen to you. But it wasn’t destiny, and it certainly It wasn’t fate. You just got lucky.

This story isn’t about luck. This story is about the City of Fate, where everything seems to happen for a reason. San Moirae is the city where 7 million other occupants won’t stop you from meeting your soul mate. It’s the city where missing that interview you spent hours and hours preparing for, sets you up for greater things in the future. It’s the city where small moments can change your life.

Follow the Glovers, the Spicers, Veronica, Ezra, and Greyson in their Slice-of-Life adventure in the city of San Moirae. Their fates are already written. All that’s left to do is watch their lives fall into place.


Genre: mystry\romance
chapter: one and tow
could you please comment on PM insted of comments

thank you in advance



I’d be eternally grateful if you could take a gander at my short story. I prefer an essay-style response as it is only one chapter. :slight_smile:

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