Offering Introductions and First Chapter Feedback (all genres welcomed) (Closed for catch up)



I love being opened up to new stories and being able to help other writers by offering honest feedback on what is good and what can be improved upon. The introduction/first chapter of a story is one of the most important things. It is what grabs the reader and gets them into the story in the first place. I will give quick and through feedback to the first chapter of any genre of story and if it would be possible I would love for you guys to read my any of my first chapters of my stories and give me your own honest feedback. I love hearing from others! Let’s help each other out :slight_smile:

Payment: If you want to follow me then that is great (but you don’t have to) and I will try to keep an eye on when you update your stories and comment when I can.

please leave the name of the story you want me to read and I will read it. Please feel free to read any of my works as I have multiple. I put links to them on my profile. Thank!


Hello, this isn’t my first story but it is the first on this account and honestly, it’s been so long I’ve had so many ideas. Basically, I just published the first chapter because I wanted that to motivate me to keep writing now that it is out there. Anyways I’ll really appreciate it if you can take some time and read my story Remember the Burning Dream? it’s complete garbage but i am alway up for imput thank you


Hey…I started a new romance suspence novel, named Katherine: His love, Her Revenge.
It would mean a lot if you could check it out.
Thank you. Have a nice day. :blush:


Hi! Not sure what genres you actually prefer, but I’m writing a teen fiction romance novel called ‘The Tutor’, it’s a light high school romance read. Please check it out if you’re interested. Feedback would be helpful.
Also, I do summary critiques if you have any work you’d like to be checked out.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi, if you’re interested I wouldn’t mind some feedback :slight_smile:

Title: The Last Philosopher
Genre: Fantasy/Attempted Comedy

Also, thanks and sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m game to participate. Take a look at LEAD ME ASTRAY. Thanks!


As a heads up, since this encourages people to direct you to their story, it’s only allowed in the ‘story services’ section. Any feedback offered or requested in the other clubs must remain in the thread and can’t require people to click on a writer’s book to help.

So, you could advertise in ‘story services’ or you could (I’m not even sure if this would be allowed or if it would be considered advertising) have people post their first chapter in the thread to receive your feedback.


You are allowed to post links in Story Services, where those types of advertisements live.


I read some of your story Experimental. Its really interesting! Im actually enjoying it a lot and I can’t wait to read more of it :slight_smile:

My story is called When Time Runs Out it only has a couple chapters but I’d love if you could check it out :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your generous offer. My book to review is called THE NARCISSIST. I appreciate any feedback you would be willing to provide. I am will also review your book as well.


Hey there! Thanks for the offer. I just recently published a chapter on WattPad of a short story I am writing currently. The story’s name is Rewind.
Would love to hear your review of it!!!
Thanks again!!! >o<


Hello! I’ve moved your thread to the Stories —> Critques and Feedback section of the forums, which is better suited and will gain a lot more attention there!

Thank you :blush:

Nicole, Ambassador


If you’d like I’d recommend reading Kitty Comfort or Bunny Smile as they are the two I have been avidly updating…or Shot to the Heart as it has been having some gradual updates recently. Thanks!


Thanks! I didn’t know as this is one of my first threads and I’m still learning to navigate around the Community site.


Thank you for the comments but I got a little confused on what parts you were talking


No problem. It’s a common mistake when you’re new to the threads.


The name of my story is ‘Life, Love And A Little Coffee’.

I guess I’m looking to see if the personalities of the character’s is enough to carry the first scene and if the beginning feels too slow or if it’s slow in a good way.


Title: Dear Bully
Genre: Short Story
Author @TockAC

I have also read your BTS fan fiction story. You’ll see where I left you a few comments.