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Title: Dreamt
Author: @lily1066xc
Genre: Teen Fiction
Chapter Number: 1
Short Summary: Elise Silva exists only in the shadow of her twin Jeremy. The lack of attention she receives in reality causes her to find solace only when she dreams where she is always with Jay. However, the day she (literally) runs into Luke is the day Jay disappears from her dreams. While Luke urges her to enjoy reality, Elise still struggles to let go of the one she created in her dreams.


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Title: Train Ride
Author: me, @shadowsettle
Genre: Romance (LGBT+), short story (one chapter)
Short summary:

Alex just wanted to get to her university from her dirty flat (she was broke), not fall in love at first sight and then have it taken away in a moment.


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Hi, your review is complete. I hope that it was helpful.


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This is greatly appreciated Destiny. I would love someone to look over my prologue for My Star Wars book. Any help would be very, VERY much appreciated. Thx!
Title: Star Wars - Knights of The Old Republic - Betrayal
Chapter Number: Prologue
Author: Me @ElizaErson
Genre: Sci-Fi / Fan-Fic
Short Summary: A Jedi framed for a crime he did not commit.