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Title: Rosevelt
Author: @VanillaaJuliaa
Genre: Vampire
Chapter Number: Chapter 1
Short Summary: Kira Larkin, 17 years old, raised by adopted parents, unable to deter herself from her current unhealthy lifestyle. However one night she gets herself involved in an occurrence that resulted in blood shed, leading her to believe there’s something more ominous and dreadful out there. Her encounter with a Noble Vampire causes her to bite off more than she can chew and the trouble she has gotten into is more than she bargained for and only just skin-deep.


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Title: Hannah Forteza
Author: redron1028
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapter Number: 60
Short Summary:
Everyone has an alter ego, but none as dangerous as her.
Do you know who is Hannah Forteza?
She has a Forte Persona.



Hi, as per the rules above, I only review one chapter at a time and I won’t start in the middle of a story. I am happy to review your first chapter though.


Completed, let me know if thats good!


Hi, your review is complete. I hope that it was helpful.


Your review is complete. I hope that it was helpful!


Hi, your review is complete. I hope that it was helpful.


Heya, I am not sure of this is still open but I better to be safe than sorry, right? Hahaha, lol I am just gonna go die in a hole bc of my awkwardness…

Title: Drunk Dialing
Author: @SpaghettiStag
Genre: Humor
Chapter Number: Chapter one? Man idk anything that is comfortable with you…
Short Summary:
A heartbroken boy gives a failing physics student the inertia she needs to keep up her “ever crippling procrastination problem”. Maybe sometimes the wrong number can lead to someone right, even if they’re running on spite and caffeine.


Yes it’s still open. Accepted, please complete the payment.


Title: The Lines We Write
Author: @CrazyParrot
Genre: Poetry
Chapter Number: Whichever! There are around 50 to choose from (most are quite short).
Short Summary:
❝Dreamer is too pretty of a word:
A breath of wistful naivety,
Masquerading as the oxygen of hope in our lungs.
It reads as a fantastical tale of serendipity,
In the novel, Life-
Written in our name.❞

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Hi, I’m not sure that I’m exactly qualified to review poetry, as I’ve never really done it myself, but I’m happy to give it a go. Please complete the payment.


Already done! And don’t worry about being qualified- any feedback will be warmly welcomed! Thank you again!


Brilliant! I’ve already seen your feedback on Eagle Feather. Don’t worry about reading anything else unless you really want to. (Innate is really not at all on the same level.)


Hi, your review is complete. I hope that it was helpful.


Hi, your review is complete. I hope that it was useful.


Title: Thundering poems
Author: @Shadow_wonder
Genre: Poetry
Chapters: 12
Summary: I dont know how you describe poems…
Ongoing /completed: completed
Link to story:


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