On House Elves...

So I loooooveee writing house elves and I was curious what others may think. We know that the ones in Britain speak in third person, “Dobby is a free elf!” but how might the others speak?

Well, I gave Dobby a snobby brother,named, you guessed it, SNOBBY The Great! (Who ships drapple yeeeyeeeeeeee) and I came up with this thing that for some reason in Australia they speak in the royal “we”. I also came up with a very nervous house elf named Zakrey who’s a hero when he SPOILER FOR MY BOOK kills umbridge!! Mweheheheheheheheeeee

So I was wondering, what are your thoughts on house elves? Do you love them as much as I do? Have you written your own?

All options are welcome but ANY HATRED WILL BE FLAGGED

Thanks friends :blush:


Bumpity bump bump bump :hugs:

I love house elves! Trying to come up with names for them is the trickiest part for me, though.

I stick with the third-person speak, as that seems consistent across house elves (Dobby, Winky & Kreacher)

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So far I only wrote Dobby and I tried to get him to sound like in the book.

Here’s my favorite bit with Dobby:

“I’m Jack. Jack Nix.”
“Dobby is honored to meet Jack-Jack Nix.”

And I had him call my MC Jack-Jack the whole scene. :rofl: I crack myself up.


Omgosh, I love it :laughing:


I either go on a house elf name generator (yes it exists) or just come up with really cute names lolol



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I love your idea how they speak in other countries!! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! Do you have any ideas for other ways they could talk???

No, I would also guess that this is pretty much every option, I would now maybe make them distinguishable by something else (walking, weird habits, etc.)

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Ooooooo thats cool!!!

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Also clothes. What do Australian elves wear? Hats? Snake belts? Face paints? Ideas are endless!

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Oooo that is so true i had never considered that before. So do South Americas look like they go on safari???

They could have tan too.

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I like that tehe


I love house-elves, but I do find their dialect difficult to write. I’ve written one story from Winky’s POV, which was really fun, and I’ve written a few original house-elf characters in other stories. I like your idea of using different speech habits for elves from different places. Makes sense.

Whats the story with winky i wanna read it

I’ll PM you with the title.

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