One Line Poetry Game


This was a game on previous community and I enjoyed it a lot.

The aim is to write a one line poem starting with the LAST WORD of the previous poem.

I’ll start first.
Let’s have some fun, laugh & tears! :wink:

Fluttering and falling, the little bird flew high.


High above the ground no chains holding it back


Back to the heavens it would soar, never again touching the dangerous forest floor


Floor painted with sins and ink one that can stain with a simple touch


Touch is something to bring us together, not tear us apart


Apart, yet apart we fall forgetting our past


Past this, past that, we’re so past everything. What are we right now?


Now has been forgotten by you as you keep tainting my image in your eyes


Eyes show the truth and yet you lie so well with yours.


Yours has been hidden behind a curtain of hair, yet somehow you claim that you were able to see mine


Mine is what you called me for years, but now it’s what you say to her


Her? And who is mine other than my own I’ve never loved but cared as I finally saw your eyes


Eyes that used to sparkle, but now only show darkness


Darkness that I thought only I had yet somehow I inficted you with it too


Too much like her, are the words you used to harm me


(wow me? How can I start with me lol I’ll try)
Me mine my did I really use to say all those words all I remember is the beauty that you once shown to me


(Yeah. I’m so sorry. I didn’t even realize how hard it would be. You did amazing though!)

Me. That’s who I should be most concerned about, not you, who left me to die.


Die alone in the bitterness of my lonely, broken soul


Soul that was so easily connected to another thinking it would finally find the one to love

(@InFiveSyllablesOrLes thank you ^^ I just noticed I ended mine with me too lol)


Love, though, is a myth