One Line Poetry Game


Steady heartbeats in hand are what keep it together


Together we jumped, together we fall


fall down into a dark abyss, only to rise with the sun


Sun kissed skin like nectar on my tongue


Tongue of silver tries to hide the heart’s lack of gold


Gold like the ichor that flows through your veins


Veins of gold are full of riches but nothing’s good about veins in gold


Gold draws greed, heartless are you so


So is my heart black as coal and green as the forest


Forest of thoughts and feelings you grew and nurtured


nurtured the insecurities in my head until they became adults and took over my mind


Mind racing, heart beating, it is time


time to throw away old memories and make new ones with no one but myself


Myself is to blame for the raw bitten words that left teeth marks in her.


Her and her only since she’s the only one who she trust


Trust the heart you know, not the heart that you were given.


Given were the Swords of all Eternity aflame.


Aflame my heart burns all my enemies away and warms my loved ones


Ones are what’s left of the two that separate.


Separate minds and different thoughts, yet together in heart