One Line Poetry Game


Way open and clear as I sail across an ocean Deep Blue and serene.


serene is my spirit atop the snow capped mountains separate from all


All around, sky and water, distant shores.


Shores of distant land lands I yearn to reach


Reach for the clouds carrying your dreams before they drift away


Away with the words of others who try to tear you down for you are your strength


Strength get me through the day and back into into bed


bed so empty it seeks my coffin, where oh where are you my sweetheart?


Sweetheart? No, sweet hart, with antlers so big and strong, wallow in the caress of my blade as you lie in the arms of death.


death you rip those i love away and you tempt me so as an escape from all that is life


life always leaves me behind, i just don’t how i’m still alive.


Alive and well and prosperous: my sun is brightly lit.


lit the fire then, just don’t blame me if it all falls down again.


Again the feeling comes back, a heart stopping and a sense of dread — please, kill me softly.


Softly we’ve been dividing from each other, the language of blood is too thick to ignore.


Ignore the looks and stares, they will forever burn, but you shall learn to burn brighter


Brighter because no eyes shine quite like yours


Yours is more deeper, a window into the soul


Soul to soul sweetheart


Sweetheart, my sweetheart, bitter as a wee tart, fall down in a mall cart and go away!