One Line Poetry Game


Away! Away! Fo far and fly high, never wait


Wait! Don’t go nor leave; my pieces fall apart longing for its comrades that was used to make you whole.


Whole only with you, whole only for you, whole because you make me who I am


Am I half-full or half-empty? Numb, perhaps? Answer me, I beg you, so I could feel more sure of myself.


Myself is all that’s left, a shell that she emptied long ago.


Ago may seem like the past, but time is catching up to us quicker than we think — fastest man alive? I think not.


Not mine from the moment he laid eyes on her.


Her heart showed her that beauty came in every form, sometimes it’s out of the norm.

(I’m sorry, I really couldn’t come up with something poetic. I really just edited this… I can’t.)


Norm; what is this strange word, for is it truly a blessing or a curse?


Curse – worse than those past down tales; you look in the mirror, reflection unrecognisable: are you happy, now?


Now that you’ve torn me to shreds and tried to stitch me back together but I’m sure I’m in all the wrong order


Order comes from a peaceful mind.


I could go into the blue of your eyes like a country.


mind and country are weird, cuz i run away from both, moved by fear.


Fear is like someone holding you back, keeping you from living your life, shrinking you down in size.


size doesn’t matter, unless i’m in this one line poetry game, counting letter by letter…


Letters, like the one I’m longing for? Aimlessly waiting, honestly hating that it’s taking so long.


long enough to make me sad, long enough to break the lad, wrapped in faded red.


Red like blood, crimson like her lips; watch it stain the satin, watch the life in his eyes dim.


dim, kinda thin, kinda mean, he can’t be seen, well do you miss him?