One Line Poetry Game


Him. The one that made me drift into an epiphany but now just leaves me high and dry.


Dry your tears quicky, dry them before they drown you, dry, my dear girl, dry your tears


Tears, your tears, are flooding this place, my Alice. Don’t resist insanity, it’s apart of me, embrace it.


It thrives in darkness, it thrives it pain, and when it cries, its cries are mine


Mine, my little piece of gold, in which I mined from your cave of despair and brought out the beauty.


Beauty so mesmerizing, its got me in a trans.


Trance, trapped me, I cannot think, my mind is gone, please set me free


Free from these shackles of your undying hatred.


Hatred of mine, I bid thee adieu, and while we’ve had fun, I’ve got more important things to do

(Bye! :))


To the garden and the river in flood, clouds racing overhead.


Overhead hangs the guillotine in your hands and you smile so frightfully down at me.


me and my cat: living the good life, both partners in crime.


Crime so cruel, I know what you’ve done


Done away with, the past remains forgotten: I now step into a new dawn.


Dawn starts to scuttle through the blackened sky.


sky’s falling, chicken little; watch the world crumble at your feet and watch a mother rebuild it with birth.


Birth brings blood to drip on the floor.


Floor covered in death, a stain even Clorox can’t get out; embedded in memories, scarring the heart.


Heart is open; beauty loves to flow.


It’s taken as a token, never ending and slow.