One Line Poetry Game


mistaken as broken, that’s the mirror i’ve hidden.


Hidden away in the light, I am there but not seen.


Seen with not the eye but rather felt with your heart.


Heart, soul and mind. Be one with yours, the light that glistens.


Glistens across the lake the bright light of day.


day starts as the sun rise as night starts when the moon arrives, and i wonder if they miss each other.


Other than you, no one makes my blood boil in rage


Rage, forgiveness and delight: turns to be well-being’s map.


Map to distruction that made with my tears


tears quench the thirst for the weak and mocking.


Mocking is always the laugh of the god of death


Death is an illusion.


illusion takes us away from the crapper that is reality


Reality we hide behind lenses giving people dreams so wild to be real


Real love heals the heart; an ocean clear, waves swaying with delight.


Delight, sweet, the way her lips taste with the first kiss.


Kiss the candied apple that melts to poison in the mouth


Mouth that once spoke such sweet words is now silent nothing to say as you act like i am a ghost


Ghost of a flavor, first sweet and now bitter.


bitter was the aftertaste of that word on my tongue