One Line Poetry Game


tongues move and lies spout out actions are the only things that are honest


Honest words can hurt, but sugar-coated lies burn like acid.


Acid flowing through my veins and heart, I really would love to have a sweet tart.


Tart teeth I suck on every time I speak


Speak of me kindly when I’m dead and I’ll make sure to say thank you


You are truly the star of the show, so tell us who you really are though.


Though it was a whisper, the words broke my ear


Ears that been deaf from the lies of the world and their harsh words


Words of love and words of hate, have but a thin line between


Between water and fire, the calm sea and the storms they hide


Hide n seek is such child’s play, when are we going to see you slay.


Slay the monsters that reside inside the ones that are eating you alive


Alive is a word of many reasons, which is one of your favorite seasons.


Seasons that make life and death a never cycle if only it would take me with them


them people never seem to understand, they all are looking pretty bland.


Bland lies dying my white tie that is tying tighter around my neck with every spoken business word


words always triggers the fury in my soul, it feels my heart has been rammed by a pole.


“Pole ahead!” yelled he, and stirred away the boat.


Boat caught in a whirlpool, now I have to go to school.


School, please, school teach, teach us about life. I go to you and still don’t know how taxes work, school, but I know Marie Antoinette was Louis’s wife