One Line Poetry Game


wife sure can’t get enough of that chocolate cookie, but how about we play a little game of hooky.


Hooky took a look-y at the bookie’s wife and now he’s makin’ bets from the other side


Side with the world and don’t wait for the judgment of others.


Others judgement either does harm or benefit, but we all have a confidante and a nemesis.


Nemesis of light brought its own demise with the fire it started


Started as a blissful fling, but they ended as torn petals of a rose, drifting apart at the whims on the wind.


Wind of fire and golden suns; rise like heat to cover the shadows


Shadows in the night means somewhere there’s light


Light without darkness, or darkness without light… leading to only one phenomenon: blindness.


blindess was what she desperately craved as the truth wrenched her eyelids open.


open is the interpretation of her cruel life and what everyone has done to her, she has become numb to assumptions.


assumptions of something cold that brings a shiver to the suburbs


suburbs gentrified by the hipsters and starbucks cravings


Cravings are like stimulative drugs that catalyze our shameless desires.


Desires that burn the throat and choke the soul


Soul is light we lean on in our darkness.


darkness is a void, a jail yet true freedom


Freedom gives us wings while wrapping chains around our ankles


ankles break but we can still crawl


Crawl, walk, run, come forth and claim your right