One Line Poetry Game


Right turn, left turn, the choice is yours


Yours are the eyes that shine so bright, mysterious soul baying in the moonlight.


Moonlight that shines down on us together for one final time


Time was always on our side


“Side with the light” was what you said
Side with the light but then you left


Left behind, the world was fading


Fading away, but never have you left my memories


Memories bring back both past pleasure and pain only the pain lingers


…Lingers the scent of jasmine, from when you last graced my boudoir


Boudoir of horrors in my head reflected in the lines pressed out of my eyes


Eyes can maul if we aren’t careful how to look.


look don’t touch or it will all crumble away before your eyes


Eye unseeing, but spirit unwavering, rise to the challenge or fall


Fall forever down, all other choices are forgotten


Forgotten are the good deeds, remembered is the mistake.


Mistake that she once swore she’d never make again.


Again never truly happens.


Happens to you, happens to me - the world’s a stage, now let it be.


be still lie back and let the universe come to you


You are.