One Line Poetry Game


Are you?


You asked me through and through


Through life eternal we learn to be whole again.


Whole, but separate never to be together again.


Again and again i repeated but never did you believe that i was here for you


You are bloodstained by the bone on bone contact you have created.


Encasing her fingers the shining gold, is not the ring of love, but the chains that bind a stifling hold.


Hold your heart close, for those fractured shards are sharp


Sharp is the betrayal of friends.


Friends are unbroken enemies.


Enemies claiming the good in wrong perspectives.


Perspectives change through weary eyes


Eyes that beg for a feeling of belonging.


Belonging is all lies when you are different.


Different views, different things untold, each story has multiple sides of truth.


Truth is it real in this duplicitous world where lies fill the air


Air of truth and broken bonds, a forest of hate and a sea of love.


Love is an illusion, mastered by the foolish


foolish hearts break faster before learning to overcome their stupidity.


Stupidity, naivety, and pride, can be ones greatest downfalls.