One Line Poetry Game


Remains of the kingdom that once flourished


Flourished yet into another miserable lie, dressed in whites of innocence.


innocence ripped to shreds, she grew dark and crazed


crazed is what she looked, a puppet dancing to the comments of people


people- all they did was glare with their dead yet judging eyes


Eyes maul themselves into the marrow of my bones.


Bones of every creature lay discarded


Discarded faith that falls at the feet of the holy.


Holy liquid does not cleanse her now


Now is the time for teeth.


teeth crushed, ground for mere superstition


Superstition that lead to the belief she was alone.


Alone, he spiralled, down a neverending tunnel


Tunnel. Leading along into darkness, dripping walls, I have forgotten the light.


Light has left our eyes, leaving only dark, dark, dark


Dark is a life without love passion and the will to go with your whims


whims and fancies cloud thy head with many fallacies untrue


Whimsical felt the man when upon his sword he rested.


Oh crap, haha. Untrue to myself I dare not be; for truth will guide my destiny.


Destiny is nothing but doom made of our own decisions