One Line Poetry Game


Decisions yet to unfold into the future a path untrodden.


Untrodden lies the path to love, for it is but a delusion


Delusion is the eye of madness, madness merely an unhinged door–a door yet to be set straight.


Straight words don’t exist- all the world says nothing but a bunch of twisted lies


Lies are but strangers to communication’s purity, when properly greeted at once cleansed.


Cleansed bodies simply dirty again- why bother?


Bothersome is the cynical voice that colors thoughtless assumption. :wink:


assumptions slowly choke out the best of us- rumours and false news grab at exposed throats


Throats forced to swallow profanities soon regurgitate naught but disdain.


Disdain is the poison that they spit into innocent, unassuming faces


Faces, twinkling, peer down at us from light years away–we serenely gaze back.


Backs arch and snap- merely toys in the childrens’ hands


Hands of time tick, tick away, and I realize my sleep is dwindling. (I should go to bed xD)


Dwindling time is whiled away as screens illuminate faces. (so should i lol)


Faces, dearth of sleep, sag and form deep caverns in each line.


lines simply restrain needlessly


Needlessly, I forge forward to what I know not.


Not to be outdone, he strides as only one.


One silent secret was all it took- their shelter was in pieces.


Pieces of forgotten times floated by like shattered memories.