One Line Poetry Game


No way to fix it, nowhere to go.

(English is my third language, it’s will be interesting to try this game :slight_smile: )


Go away; away with the wind; and disappear for all eternity


Eternity passed, and yet, I ponder still–how to spend a single moment?


Moments were stolen away by you- my thief of time.


Time follows in your footsteps, my ageless beauty


Beauty is grotesque, leaving behind marred faces that didn’t ask for it


It seems too happy to be true, so I must deem this all fake.


What should I do, to reverse a time machine?


“Machines don’t make mistakes, why should you?”


In anyway you should live in the present, not focusing on your past.


(You’re supposed to start with the last word of the other persons poem)

Past events are what change us, shape us, and mould us into what we are today.


Today is the day we pray for a better future. No matter how hard, there is always a way.


way below the ground are the people never found but if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound


(that reminds me of Waving Through A Window lol)

Sounds pierce through my once-deaf ears- is this what it’s like to hear?


Hear the pulse in your throat as your prayers from fear sound off your lips.


Lips come too close- asking for things I cannot give


Give only what you deserve, receive only what you give.


Give- all you ever seem to do is give. Why don’t you take my love for once?


Once I have witnessed affection, then I may accept its sweet embrace.


Embraces me, the lady of the night does: choking me with her sequined stars