One of my favorite writing websites just closed down ;-;


So I used to be a big fan of the writing site Charahub - a really fun and useful site for making and storing detailed character profiles for all your characters. I left for a couple months while I was between projects and when I came back, it had closed down.

It’s really a shame because it was one of my favorite writing sites and it would have been really useful in the project I’m working on.

There don’t seem to be any good alternatives like it either, except for (which needs an invite code and also seems to be mostly for furries), and even that doesn’t have the same detailed questions as Charahub.

I think I might have one or two questionnaires saved on my old computer so maybe I’ll still be able to use them offline, but it still sucks that I won’t be able to make new character profiles on the site anymore or access my old ones.


I can easily get you an invite code to toyhou, also I didn’t realize it was all furries? From what I’d seen so far, it wasn’t.


Oh, it’s not? I looked it up and the first like ten results were furry stuff so I just assumed that was like the primary demographic (then again I’m sure you’d get that with a lot of sites even if they aren’t furry-oriented). But if it’s not, I’d absolutely like to give it a go since it’s the main alternative I’ve been able to find.

Also I didn’t realize there would be anybody here who actually had a code! Tysm, if you could shoot me a code when you can that would be super very much appreciated~


I don’t frequent it heavily, as I found no use for it. So there might be furry stuff on it, but honestly furry stuff really IS everywhere, even basic art websites like deviantart are covered with it. People like their fursonas or what have you, shrug!
I’ll message you a code. Lemme see if I can pull one now.