one sentence

I’m so bored, so if someone wants to play with me it would be nice. The point is to write a “story” of one sentence per comment. I’m not really sure anyone will find this post, but who knows…

It was too dark outside.

She had traveled down this road before, but the creeping darkness prevented her from seeing where she was going.

Here she should take the path to the left.

But she didn’t… of course she didn’t.

Why did I not take the left path she thought.

Something rustled behind her back and she turned around paranoidly.

just nerves, she assured herself, scanning the emptiness.

But the darkness made her uneasy.

And she couldn’t help but feel that someone was watching her.

Is anyone there?” she gulped as she took a step forward

“No”, she heard ; dammit, now she knows I’m here!

But if she hasn’t done anything yet, she reasoned, what are the chances she’s gonna do something now?

Nevertheless, the noise persisted.

Her heart thudded against her chest, and her instincts took over; she ran.

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Then tripped over a stone and went sailing over a cliff.

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Her body reacted before her mind did, grabbing for something that may or may not have been there.

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She grabbed a flying eagle’s wing, and sailed upwards.

Once she realized what she was holding on to, she was sure the eagle would try to shake her off or at the very least fall, but neither happened; in fact, the eagle seemed to be taking her somewhere.

Then a magical Pizza Hut delivery man appered and asked, “Yo sis, did you see a Papa John´s pizza guy being pursued by Ronald McDonald?”