One-shot/ Short stories length

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I just published a one-shot (inspired by the #aimtoengage2019 contest), and I wanted to know if one-shots fitted in the short story genre? That’s what I thought first, but now I’ve doubts because short stories also include stories with a few chapter. :grimacing:
So are one-shots short stories? And if not, in which genre are they fitting?
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I believe one-shots count as short stories.

Short stories encompass:
(the names vary, though)

  1. Flash fiction
    less than 1,000 words (Though in some cases could be up to 2,000)

  2. Postcard fiction
    25-500 words, the average Postcard fiction is 250.

  3. Microfiction
    A. Nanofiction = less than 300 words
    B. Drabble = exactly 100 words
    C. Dribble = exactly 50 words
    D. Six Word Stories = exactly 6 words

So yeah, anything that’s under 50,000 or so words is a short story. I don’t know if others have a different opinion or view, but that’s what I think.


Glad I’m not the only one at least! :grin:

Thanks for your help! :smile:

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One-shots are short stories. :wink:

A short story is anything that isn’t a novel length, but the technical terms are broken down into different meanings for their word count.

  • Micro fiction or flash fiction are around 100–1,000 words.

  • Short stories are around 1,000–7,500 words.

  • Novelettes are around 7,500–20,000 words.

  • Novellas are around 20,000–50,000 words.

All of which can be considered a “short story” on Wattpad. Just be sure to tag it as a “oneshot” and its corresponding genres and themes. :wink:



So all my short stories are actually flash fiction

I feel even worse now :frowning:


Why? What’s wrong with short stories/flash fiction?


But on a serious note:

Don’t feel bad! You can always add more to the stories or do what you can to make your newer projects longer. And even if you can’t, it’s not a bad thing. :wink:


Cuz I at least thought my stories were short story. Should I change their descriptions now?

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Oh I see. I personally think longer doesn’t always mean better. I’m often impressed when an author can make a meaningful story with very little words. Kind of like six-word-stories.

I don’t think so. I feel like flash fiction is a sub-category under the short story category


Six word stories are good, I agree.


Thank you for your help! :smile:

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I agree with @edoggypaws !

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Haha! I love Dory! Gotta listen to her! :grin:

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