Online persona vs. Real life persona

I feel like my friends in real life would not understand my online persona as none of them like fanfic or anything I write about (for instance BTS). I guess most people only see it as a teenagers’ thing, and so I feel ashamed of my hobby - as I am 26 yo.

Do you feel the same? How do you deal with it?


My family and friends know that I write, but they’re generally unenthusiastic about it. I don’t preach it from the heavens and they don’t ask about it.

There’s nothing to feel ashamed of. It’s possible that you’re overthinking it and putting too much stock into something people just don’t care about.


Basically none of my real life friends write and very few of them read for fun. They think that spending time reading and writing is a waste.

I did meet someone at my work who writes and runs a writing workshop for writers, but when we talked about it for the first time, he said “pretty much anything’s welcome, unless you write trashy romance or something.”

I write trashy romance. :joy:


the person i am on wattpad is not the same as the person i am in real life, but its not so much for shame about what i do rather than the way i choose to present myself here. it’s branding: recognisable, memorisable and has a unique personality to it. it’s in essence the way i pitch myself to potential customers/readers here


I get it, my boyfriend also knows that I write but he couldn’t care less. Sometimes he takes me to coffee shops where I like to write so I guess I can count it as support of some kind :slight_smile:

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@LailaLiliana My friends and family don’t really know I write either!

My parents often tell me I should get off my computer and do something actually productive or interesting and not playing games and watching videos, Ahaha, yeah while I do watch some videos, I’m also writing away.

My online persona is also a lot more open and confident. It’s not that I’m different, but that aspect of my personality is more enhanced.

also like… I can’t just tell them, oh yeah I write werewolf books. Surprise! Look at all the cliches and tropes that give this genre a bad rep.


Ahahahah that was so funny. But does she now reads what you write or did you hide it from her?

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When I say I am a different person is not so much about personality, that is always the same, is more about being more honest online about my interests than in real life…

Thats just elitist. As if the trashy romance genre didn’t make ebooks a huge thing


oh i see. that’s pretty common. the belief of anonymity online spurs more courage in people to be more honest and upfront than is usually acceptable in public

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Yeah, but it makes me a bit sad that I don’t get to share those interests with other people in real life. Maybe that is why so many people get online friends…

Its hard to find like minded individuals in a small setting (your town/city). It’s much easier to, say, join a website where these individuals who share your passion come from all over the world.


True, but I feel it would be easier if I was younger. Most of the people I get to know online are younger, so they share some interests with me but not the maturity and they are not in the same place in terms of their lives, so it is a bit different…

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@calmwolf I honestly have no desire for people who know me in real life to read my stuff :joy: if I told my mom, she probably would.

I’m basically the same online as offline, I just talk a lot more about reading and writing here since I actually have that in common with people here.

@wittyalice My co-worker? I did not tell him what I write and he’s never read my work. I never ended up going to his writing workshop. I have poetry I could share instead but it’s very personal so I don’t really want to read it out loud.

@witchoria Yeah, and as a writer, I’m pretty disappointed that he would even say something like that. We all like what we like, it’s not like me writing my “trash romance” is any easier than him writing his murder mystery.


Well this site seems to cater more to the young crowd, just like there’s less populated sites that cater more to adult writers. We all either share the interest of reading and/or writing and that’s the intent. I’ve made a small bit of friends who are between college age to thirties.

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Let’s be real, your trashy romance would likely sell better than his murder mystery. It’s hard to get a leg up in that genre; meanwhile, romance is probably the best selling genre.


Same XD
Even if they know I write a bit, I wouldn’t want them to read my current WIPs anyways.

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Persona? Did someone say Persona? PERSONA! XD
@TheMCOfficial You like Persona so, i thought you could like this too.

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What’s Persona?

If you are talking about #18
Idfk, i am not a fan of it, but it seems to be a video game fandom. I never played it so, i don’t know.
Gasp! Malus would be disappointed! XD