Only able to access cached version of site on LTE/3G

So, when I’m at home on wifi, I have full access to the most recent version of the site.

But, when I leave the house and try to use the site on data, I can only access the last version of the site cached from when I was still home. For example, if I check the site at say, 1pm, it will say the most recent post was from 5hrs ago, the time I left home.

I’ve tried using different browsers and clearing the cache.

Edited to add that the phone is a Google Pixel 3 on ATT’s network.

@feralfrog Looks like a bug/glitch to me. I suggest you send a bug report to Wattpad Support here

A kind reminder to link/attach screenshots in the report, as it helps Support in identifying and solving the issue faster :slight_smile: