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Quick question: It looks like you’re not on board with horror, but does that include psychological thrillers that have scary moments and distressing themes?


Psychological thriller you say :heart_eyes: I absolutely adore that sort! What I mean by horror is the baseless sort that has little to no story and only has a bunch of adrenaline indhcing scenes strung together to call it horror.


I see! I didn’t know that was such a common pitfall among horror stories on this site, but then again, I’ve never delved into the genre here on Wattpad. The sole story I’m working on is not that, thank goodness. I don’t know if it’s something the general readership of Wattpad would enjoy, though. Easy, light reads seem to rule supreme here.


I’m afraid that’s how it is whether in novels or in movies, but some thriller horrors can come off excellent :slight_smile: I’m sure yours would be quite different and interesting to dive into


Thanks! I appreciate the optimism! I’m definitely not writing for popularity, that’s for sure.


No problem, I think one should write for oneself before considering to write for the audience :relieved: