Ooorah SmackDown: Back to Our Roots discussion thread


Over on the page of our sister account, @LayethTheSmackDown, we do a little thing called science-fiction SmackDowns.

So what exactly is a SmackDown, anyway? A SmackDown, or SD, is a heated writing contest where contestants are given text-, music- and visual-based prompts, and then they write a short story around that, following which they’re judged for their efforts and either move on to the next round or they get eliminated from the competition. You daring individuals will compete against each other to eliminate all others and claim the title of Sole SmackDowner!

But there’s gotta be some kind of twist, right? For this one we’re waxing nostalgic, we’re looking back into our past.

We’re going back to our roots.

But what does it mean in the context of this SmackDown? It means we’re keeping it simple: no uber-gamey stuff like the last one. Where MadMike’s Revenge was all about adding a Survivor element to an SD, Back to Our Roots is the exact opposite. BTOR is pure. You’ll get some prompts and away you go, writing against your competitors.

The people with the lowest scores for each round will be eliminated, with the number of people eliminated varying with each round. Yes, you will be scored, and scoring criteria will be adhered to by the team of judges.

Prompt Adherence
Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation
Story Enjoyability

Each category has a maximum possible score of five points, meaning a grand total of fifteen points for a “perfect” story.

The SmackDown is ideally set to begin at the end of March , and it is open to everyone , no matter your popularity, no matter how well you write.

But that isn’t all, folks. To enter this SmackDown, you need to write up a little entry tale. Check the SmackDown book on @LayethTheSmackDown’s page for that.

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SmackDown: Back to Our Roots Sole SmackDowner

your name here


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Figured I should get the ball rolling on this.


Ahem. That is all.

Um. Temptation.

Tempting… will depend on the beginning though…

So this will be in March?

Planning for end of March, after the Open Novella Contest concludes.

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I am excited about this - smackdowns are awesome :slight_smile:

That makes it more tempting :smiley:

So sorry I won’t be able to join this :frowning: We’re going on holidays, travelling through Europe from mid March to 22nd April) I won’t have time to write anything, plus internet connections may be unreliable. *sighs… maybe next time!

Lucky you, @elveloy - sounds like a lovely trip.

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I hope so! We’ll be cruising down the Danube from Budapest to Bucharest - never been to either Hungary or Romania before! Plus planning to catch up with Leigh and Jinn in Bern one day :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this!


@TEBramble Here’s the forum thread

Tempted to give this a go. March is a busy month for me, but since it’s starting at the end of the month… I reckon I can get 500 words out. Hopefully

Maybe, I will join. That is to say if I don’t go to hostel in April.


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