Ooorah! Tevun-Krus 2019 discussion thread


OOORAH! 2019!

Well that’s another year done, or at least it is as far as we here at @Ooorah are concerned, anyways! 2018 was pretty awesome. We put out some banging issues of Tevun-Krus, and all of #TeamOoorah would like to thank everyone who got involved, be it with submissions or the simple act of reading our most humble of Sci-Fi offerings!

Anyways, that’s enough of that. Let’s get down to the delightfully dirty business we’re here for, eh?

So why’re we doing this? What’s Tevun-Krus all about? Well if you need either of those questions answering then clearly, you’ve been living beneath a rock for the past x number of years.

TK is our monthly Sci-Fi e-zine, featuring nothing but content from @Wattpad ‘s quite awesome Sci-Fi community. Short stories, poems, reviews, articles, and all other kindsa’ awesome stuff! It’s also the longest-running ezine on Wattpad, too. Think about it for a second. The first issue of 2019 is gonna’ be TK64. No other WattZine can claim such longevity.

Below, you’ll see several boxes each with their own sub-genre, a little bit of information about said sub-genre, and a list of who’s doing what for that particular issue. Basically, if you wanna’ get involved then shout out. “OI! I just ate a whole sheet of high-powered blotter acid and I wanna’ write a story for the AcidPunk issue, too!” - Yeah, just like that, or whatever… You get the point, right?

So, without further ado…

TK64 - International III: CommunicationPunk

Release Date: February 21st, 2019

Last year’s second International issue was bigger and better than ever. This year we’ve decided to give it a theme: CommunicationPunk. Communication, and the language barriers that often go with said communication—all wrapped up in sci-fi -Punk goodness! Any and all languages are allowed for this issue, including English! Check the other thread we’ve got dedicated just to this issue!

TK65 - AcidPunk

Release Date: March 3rd, 2019

The ideals and fads of the 1960s prevail, while a counter-cultural movement moves forward governmental advancement. AcidPunk has also been called “TransistorPunk,” “PsychedeliPunk” or “WeedPunk” when describing the psychedelic drug-ridden elements of the society or hemp-based technologies.

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK66 - Satanic SF

Release Date: April 7th, 2019

Satanism rules in this science-fiction sub-genre. Is the Devil an alien? Or maybe there are science-based rituals dedicated to the dark lord. Or just, y’know, demon hellspawn through a teleportation device on one of Mars’ moons. This is relatively untouched territory, so go wild and let’s create some sci-fi history, 'troopers!

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK67 - Virtual Reality

Release Date: May 5th, 2019

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology which allows a user to interact with a computer-simulated environment. If you didn’t know that, you probably died 50 years ago. Is the simulation known about by its users? Is there a way to get out? Questions to ponder for your stories!

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK68 - SkyPunk

Release Date: June 2nd, 2019

In SkyPunk, everything is in the sky. You name it: shopping centres, amusement arcades, offices, homes, McDonald’s, and everything else!

That’s not to say that things can’t be on the ground, too, but the focus is most definitely on what’s above! BioShock Infinite is an excellent example.

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK69 - Erotic SF

Release Date: July 7th, 2019

Wait, what? You may have been expecting to see Science Fantasy here, but then the bright idea was had that 69 only comes around once, so we might as well make use of it. And here we are: erotic sci-fi! Kind of like romantic sci-fi stuff, but with an emphasis on the carnal acts that tend to follow!

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK70 - Punk Wars II

Release Date: August 4th, 2019

The favourite cross-punk sub-genre created right here on Wattpad is back! Two or more -Punk sub-genres collide! Do they coexist in one particular world, duking it out in a battle of technologies? Does one (or more) literally invade the other’s world? You decide! It’s your rodeo, 'trooper!

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK71 - Spy-Fi

Release Date: September 1st, 2019

Think the world of subterfuge, spies, gadgets and deception, and then add in a science-fictional twist!

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK72 - Anti-Villain Special

Release Date: October 6th, 2019

The antithesis of the anti-hero. Where the anti-hero might do good deeds for morally bankrupt reasons, the anti-villain has good intentions but ultimately questionable methods! Want to solve world hunger? Thin the herd with secret sterilization!

Who’s Doing What?

Short Story -

Review -

Article -

TK73 - Best of 2019

Release Date: November 17th, 2018

Small and exclusive, just the way we like it. One brand-new story for each of the previous-tackled 2019 sub-genres.

TK74 - A Very Superhuman Christmas

Release Date: December 22nd, 2018

Going back to the theme of issue number 6—Superhuman SF. Superpowers and superhuman abilities with a Christmassy twist!

Have you ever felt done with Wattpad?

So here’s what we need from you guys…

SHORT STORIES - An integral part of any TK issue is the short stories that you guys provide so if you’ve got something new in the works, or fancy giving any of the above mentioned sub-genres a crack then we want to know about it! To qualify, your story should be exclusive - meaning that it’s not posted anywhere else - and no longer than 10,000 words!

REVIEWS - If you’ve read a tale that belongs in one of the above mentioned sub-genres on Wattpad lately and really enjoyed it, or if there’s a story knocking about that you’ve wanting to have a look at for a while then why not pass your findings onto our readers? Reviews can be as long as you like, though generally no longer than 1,000 words… If you are writing a review for us then here’s a few questions you might think about answering.

  • What did you enjoy most about the story?

  • How might the author have made the story better?

  • Overall, what did you think?

ARTICLES - Now these generally sit around the 1,000 word mark and for this issue, can be about anything related to the above mentioned sub-genres.

And how about anything else you can think of? Is there a feature that you’d like to see in this and future issues of Tevun-Krus? TK is a collaborative effort, guys. Without you lot this simply wouldn’t be possible!

The deadline for submissions for each issue is noted above, and all submissions can be emailed to @MadMikeMarsbergen at: or PM @MadMikeMarsbergen for more details! Ooorah!


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Cool stuff.


Yum. So many stories to write…


I like the new genres this year.


Looks like some weird and wonderful sub-genres here!


Alrighty, let’s rock’n’roll! Ya girl Bella back to write the weird, the wonderful, and the slightly concerning, given this year’s selection of genres. This’ll be… I believe year three of my involvement with Ooorah, and I am here to experiment in a few more genres- to name:

  • Satanic SF
  • Virtual Reality
  • Erotic SF
  • Antivillain
  • Superhuman Christmas Special

I’m expecting a super year with Ooorah and I look forward to working with this great group of writers again! Keep rockin’, guys!


Awesome! Welcome back for another Ooorah adventure


Happy New Year @Ooorah!

Looking over this plan for the year makes me think serial story.


Bump it up


Feck it. Sign me up for the Anti-Villain Special.


Anyone for Acid Punk?


I’ll be writing something for AcidPunk. Had an idea in the shower this morning while dead-tired, therefore it was meant to be.


Hm, Acid Punk. Hm. Hm. Okay, let’s see where this leads…


I’ve got a draft but I’m not sure it’s druggy enough.

Acid Punk Sci-fi fun fact: Apparently, when you take X and Magic Mushrooms at the same time its called a Supernova.


I’d be happy to do something for the punk wars edition


Sounds good!


@Nablai Alright, so if you’d like (and if you manage to figure out what to write about), you could do an article for each of the year’s issues (minus Best of 2019). An article can be about anything, generally around 1000 words in length but shorter or longer is fine by me. AcidPunk, for instance, could have an article on the psychedelic counter-culture movement of the '60s and '70s (it could even link back up with sci-fi from that era, with writers like Philip K. Dick, who experimented with psychedelic drugs). A Satanic SF article could detail the Satanism scare-craze in the '80s. We’re definitely consistently lacking in the article department as of late, so it would be a huge plus!


Okay. I’ll do an article for each of the year’s issues :slight_smile: Since this is my first brush with the Scifi genre, I’ve a request-
Is it okay with you if I PM you the first draft of AcidPunk on Wattpad so that you can point out anything that needs