Ooorah! Tevun-Krus 2019 discussion thread


Absolutely you can. And glad to hear you’ll take on that role! (Also, feel free to write about completely different stuff to what I’ve mentioned.)


Hey Nab, glad to have you aboard!


The pleasure is all mine, Jinnis :slight_smile: Glad to be of any help =]


@Wolfwhistle Maybe some of these sub-genres would interest you.


This TKIE3 is gonna be a pretty awesome issue, it seems! A mix of stories in multiple languages, plenty of mini translations. If only I was fluent in all tongues.


Very close to CommPunk’s release date!


Yay! And of course the best ideas come to me now…


Thanks for putting my English, German, Japanese, Binary (and the binary is correct, I had a computer do it for me) promo in the International issue!

I plan on doing a serial that will span the whole TK 2019 season. It’ll flows through each of the sub genre’s. A fun challenge to say the least!

All new characters with maybe a couple cameos.


Thanks a lot for dedications :slight_smile: Much appreciated =]


Thanks for helping! We couldn’t do this without all you wonderful people :hugs:


@MadMikeMarsbergen PM sent on Wattpad on Wednesday :slight_smile: If you can please have a look and give me feedback It’s my first time with the scifi genre, I can iron out any kinks if needed.

I’ll PM the profile with the draft so that @jinnis can have a look too :slight_smile:

Update: PM’d the Ooorah :slight_smile:


For AcidPunk:
I’ll get a rhyme by tomorrow (finishing touch on it) and will look for some pics… + probably an aftershot (all WIP)


I’ve also sent a completed article for Acid Punk :confused: Have PM’d @MadMikeMarsbergen and the @Ooorah.


My short story will be in tomorrow… :blush:


Does that mean that my Acid Punk article would go to waste, Jinnis? :confused: Just asking.


No, why should it?


'Coz @angerbda is already doing it. Have a look-
Ooorah! Tevun-Krus 2019 discussion thread

This is my first time with the Ooorah article, that’s why the confusion…


Well, then we’ll have two, I guess!
What do you say, @MadMikeMarsbergen?


I’m not doing an article… I got a nursery rhyme, some pics for inspirationnal pics and a short poetry (aftershot)

In any cases, it already happened that more than one article have been published in a same release… so no worry there :slight_smile:


@angerbda @jinnis @Nablai The more articles the merrier. I received yours, @Nablai, but forgot to respond. Looks good to me. Thanks for writing it!