Ooorah! Tevun-Krus 2019 discussion thread


@angerbda Thank you so much =]


@MadMikeMarsbergen Sent emails with rhyme and pic folder link… Aftershot, I need to work more on it, it’s not satisfying for now… So, perhaps tomorrow morning…


@MadMikeMarsbergen added the story…


Still waiting on some stuff so no worries.


AcidPunk is now live, 'troopers


I’m curious about Hippiepunk? Or rather acidpunk.

I have made the joke to friends that in the Cyberpunk scheme of things, I’m closer to “Cyberhippie”, though I didn’t mean it literally.


Yay :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the dedication :slight_smile:

Just confirming, I’ve to write an Satanic SF article for the April issue, right?


If you would like to, sure.


I’ll do it. :slight_smile: And will do an article for each genre every month. Can you please add my name in the Article column of the subsequent TK issues :slight_smile:


Guess I’ll have to put myself in writing gear again…


@MadMikeMarsbergen I had applied for the judging of @Ooorah awards a couple of days ago. Didn’t receive a reply as yet. Can you please help? :slight_smile:


Ooorah awards? Do you mean @The_Ooorahs? If so, that’s a separate account run by @Red_Harvey. Not sure if it’s even going any more.


Haven’t heard of her for ages…


Yup, I meant @The_Ooorahs. As the names were similar, I thought that you were the admin of The_Ooorahs. Sorry for the muck up, Mike. I really wanted to help out with the judging.

No wonder I didn’t get a response. Had applied weeks ago.


I’ve no idea if this is still a thing, Nab. It always was a separate account.


No worries, Jinnis :slight_smile: I understand. Thanks for replying :hugs:


If you’d like to help with judging stuff, @LayethTheSmackDown will be starting the new sci-fi SmackDown at the end of March.


Working on the next issue’s installment and I have to say writing Satanic Sci-fi gets dark fast. This is a fun one, certainly a bad influence.


Sure. Count me in, Mike :slight_smile:


I thought redharvey bailed off the pad after a conflict with admin.