Ooorah! Tevun-Krus 2019 discussion thread


I might be taking a brief hiatus, trying to get some hardware studies done. Going to learn how to build an InMoov, but I’m hoping to get more technically accurate Scifi done once I’m able to afford to get that stuff built.

Which is not as impossible as trying to build a full blown Sophia/Little Sophia. But I suspect my style will draw from more direct experience in the future.

Interesting side note: I’m finding simpler ways to do Decision Trees day by day, and overcame this odd looping issue in Decision Tree architecture.

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My best wishes are with you, Sarah :slight_smile:

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Side note: This advice I got on a chatbot is a good example of what I mean sometimes.

I understand theoretically one should accept criticism, nothing unsound about this. The problem to me, is when someone (in a field like programming) where they know they’re giving deliberately the wrong answer to a problem.

Because I’ve come from the writing world, with that kind of mindset in place to take criticism, I’m not really sure how to deal with it when the advice is clearly wrong.

Example: Suggesting you use AIML, when AIML has been out of vogue for at least a decade or more.

It’s this kind of advice, I don’t … really get the point of. Someone like that knows exactly what they’re doing: putting the programmer in the position of, if they correct them about something, they’re deemed as “not taking criticism.”

It’s completely irresponsible.


Definitely missed you on the last issue. I mean, sure, I was in the middle of nailing my main character to the floor of hell with a rusty railroad spike, but VR is next and the technological future will be bright and shiny and with heavenly clouds on the horizon after that.