Ooorah! Tevun-Krus 2020 discussion thread

OOORAH! 2020!

Another one bites the dust. Take that, 2019. We put out some banging issues of Tevun-Krus, and all of #TeamOoorah would like to thank everyone who got involved, be it with submissions or the simple act of reading our sci-fi shit! Especially the new faces! Fresh blood is what keeps Tevun-Krus from going stale.

Anyways, that’s enough of that. Let’s get down to the delightfully dirty business we’re here for, eh?

So why’re we doing this? What’s Tevun-Krus all about? Well if you need either of those questions answered then clearly you’ve been living beneath a rock for the past x number of years.

Tevun-Krus, or TK, is our monthly sci-fi e-zine, featuring nothing but content from @Wattpad’s quite awesome sci-fi community. Short stories, poems, reviews, articles, and all other kindsa’ awesome stuff! It’s also the longest-running ezine on Wattpad, too. Think about it for a second. The first issue of 2020 is gonna’ be TK75. No other WattZine can claim such longevity.

Below, you’ll see several boxes each with their own sub-genre, plus a little bit of information about said sub-genre. Basically, if you wanna’ get involved then shout out. “OI! I just boofed eighteen inches of highly athletic cactus and I wanna’ write a story for the DesertPunk issue! YAAAY!” - Yeah, just like that, or whatever… You get the point, right? Then just write your story and send it off to us before the issue’s release date. It’s that simple.

So, without further ado…

TK I4 SolarPunk

TK75 - International 4: SolarPunk

Release Date: February 21st, 2020

Last year’s third International issue took it to the next level by giving it a theme (and inventing a new -Punk sub-genre). This year we’re sticking with the theme concept and using it as an opportunity to tackle an existing but little-known sub-genre: SolarPunk! One sun, one planet, one people.

SolarPunk focuses on craftsmanship, cultural awareness, inclusiveness, community, grassroots activism, and of course renewable energy, all wrapped up in a decorative coating of Art Nouveau architecture (where art and architecture are one) that takes aesthetic influence from Africa and Asia. It often has social anarchist leanings and tends to reject corporate globalization.

Where GreenPunk was a green take on CyberPunk, set in a technologically conscious now and tending to have more sinister traits, SolarPunk was apparently developed by the Tumblr community as a direct counter-statement towards the gritty, not-so-progressive-anymore CyberPunk. SolarPunk is polished and beautiful and clean and free and sustainable. It is open and idealistic. It is the future.

As with the previous International issue (and all International issues going forward), any and all languages are allowed, including English!

Check the other thread we’ve got dedicated just to this issue!

TK76 - AfroFuturism

Release Date: March 15th, 2020

Sci-fi meets black culture and experiences, past, present or future.

Though a good deal of AfroFuturism works are older ones that have been retroactively labelled as such, this sub-genre has potential to be huge. Common AfroFuturism themes are slavery and abduction, feminism, water, alienation from the greater society, and the reclamation of civil rights.

The fictional, futuristic East African country Wakanda, as portrayed in the movie Black Panther , is a perfect example.


TK77 - BioPunk

Release Date: April 12th, 2020

A lot like CyberPunk, but instead of focusing on computers and IT and tech megacorps, BioPunk leans toward the implications of biotechnology, including biohacking, DNA manipulation, and social control through biomodification.

It’s common for there to be illegally operated places where one can get biomods superior to what is offered on the conventional market.

The video game Deus Ex: Invisible War is a great example of this sub-genre.

TK78 - Utopian SF

Release Date: May 10th, 2020

Ain’t life beautiful?

The natural opposite to Dystopian SF, Utopians seek to illustrate a world where all our problems are solved through the power of science.

Or are they? Just because the good guys are in power, doesn’t mean everybody’s happy…

Rather than oppressive regimes, Utopian SF typically shows a government for helping all people.


Release Date: June 7th, 2020

Exactly as it says on the tin!

Coinciding with Pride Month, we’ll be tackling LGBTQ+ SF, which focuses on themes of alienation, equality, love, the concept of masculinity and femininity, and so much more.

TK80 - WattPunk 2.0

Release Date: July 5th, 2020

We haven’t done WattPunk since Tevun-Krus #20. Can you believe it?

WattPunk, if you’ve been living in a digidelic cave, is what you get when you cross the sci-fi -Punk with our very own Wattpad! Maybe we’re all forced to write or die… Maybe Wattpad is the head of a global government… Maybe, maybe…

The story is yours to tell.


TK81 - DesertPunk

Release Date: August 2nd, 2020

Imagine a world that’s nothing but desert!

A big advantage to setting a sci-fi world in a desert is that it’s easy to conceptualize, compared to a geographically and culturally diverse world like Earth. That’s not to say you can’t include diversity, but DesertPunk strives to make the most of little, with technology tailor-made for such harsh conditions.

Dune is the classic DesertPunk story, serving as an influence on many still to come.


TK82 - DreamPunk

Release Date: September 6th, 2020

DreamPunk, contrary to the name, doesn’t necessarily have to involve dreams. They can also be visions, drug-induced or otherwise. DreamPunk is surreal sci-fi, often merging with fantasy at times. To use a word the kids are saying while they take turns huffing a bottle of jenkem and blowing smoke up each other’s asses: DreamPunk is “trippy.” But it can be more than that, too—it can make you think. Think David Lynch doing science fiction. Alternatively, think some of Philip K. Dick’s books and stories.

DreamPunk differs from AcidPunk in that AcidPunk typically takes heavy influence from the '60s and '70s, whereas DreamPunk… not so much, more of an '80s and '90s influence. Think of DreamPunk as maybe being a dissociating, dreamy relative of the psychedelia-drenched AcidPunk. Instead of classic psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin and mescaline, imagine something more akin to a ketamine, ibogaine or salvinorin A experience.


TK83 - Zombie SF

Release Date: October 4th, 2020

It’s been a while since we did something spooky for Halloween! And that’s just what we’ll do this time around. Zombie SF.

No, it’s not just zombies in space!

Maybe you’ve got a sci-fi cause for the outbreak?

TK84 - Best of 2020

Release Date: November 14th, 2020

As with last year, we’re keeping 2020’s Best Of issue small and fuckin’ awesome. See all those previous 2020 sub-genres? Let’s get a brand-fuckin’-new story for every single one. Exclusive writer privilege is granted to tenured TK writers first, everybody else second. This is a tradition that comes from its ancient, humble beginnings as a TK issue of utmost secrecy. Don’t ask us to write for it—we’ll ask you.

Best of 2020 will feature one brand-spankin’-new story from each of the following TK fan-favourite authors:

@JeffreyVonHauger, @Wuckster, @sacredlilac, @angerbda, @WilliamJJackson, @elveloy, @jinnis, @Arveliot, and @MadMikeMarsbergen

TK85 - A Very Merry Dystopian Christmas

Release Date: December 23rd, 2020

The “Merry” is back, and so is the Ooorah Crew’s take on Dystopian SF (with that Christmassy twist we know and love!) We haven’t touched this sub-genre by itself—because loads of -Punk and non-Punk sci-fi stories happen to be dystopian—since Tevun-Krus #8. Man, that’s a long time ago!

Dystopian SF is the opposite of Utopian SF. Where those are paradise, these are hellish and mean. Dystopians typically feature some form of oppressive government, but not always. The oppression can also come from the environment, as in post-apocalyptic dystopians, from the self, or from any other imaginable source.


So here’s what we need from you guys…

SHORT STORIES - An integral part of any TK issue is the short stories that you guys provide so if you’ve got something new in the works, or fancy giving any of the above mentioned sub-genres a crack then we want to know about it! To qualify, your story should be exclusive - meaning that it’s not posted anywhere else - and no longer than 10,000 words!

REVIEWS - If you’ve read a tale that belongs in one of the above mentioned sub-genres on Wattpad lately and really enjoyed it, or if there’s a story knocking about that you’ve wanting to have a look at for a while then why not pass your findings onto our readers? Reviews can be as long as you like, though generally no longer than 1,000 words… If you are writing a review for us then here’s a few questions you might think about answering.

  • What did you enjoy most about the story?
  • How might the author have made the story better?
  • Overall, what did you think?

ARTICLES - Now these generally sit around the 1,000 word mark and for this issue, can be about anything related to the above mentioned sub-genres.

POEMS - We’ve featured these in the past, and we’re still happy to include them. Sci-fi and sub-genre-related in nature. Poems submitted for an issue are more than likely written-to-order, as in brand-spankin’-new.

And how about anything else you can think of? Is there a feature that you’d like to see in this and future issues of Tevun-Krus? TK is a collaborative effort, guys. Without you lot this simply wouldn’t be possible!

The deadline for submissions for each issue is noted above, and all submissions can be emailed to @MadMikeMarsbergen at: or PM @MadMikeMarsbergen for more details!



@AngusEcrivain @TheRobot @JoeTite @CarolinaC @Reverentia @ashiqtnt @jaronart @KingBritain @AlWrite @ac3rb1c @sigrist @bloodsword @Willblathe @paulalexgray @AE_Kirk @Rapparee @fallen_tear @paolojcruz @MadMikeMarsbergen @HardeeBurger @elveloy @ewstorch @LostDMBFiles @TimothyWillard @JamesChambers91 @Rapparee @PetrionRayvenCloud @kwesiwoode @angerbda @GeekAtlas @jespah @LeighWStuart @faithfulnarrator @eyeexeyeeye @krazydiamond @dearest_writer @gintymack2 @OutrageousOllo @BobJan70 @shalonsims @Ascension2197 @TheOrangutan @sdfrost61 @torontojim @Silentis @Holly_Gonzalez @VintageVulpes @WeLovelyBurns @MoonLoop @jinnis @jewel1307 @FaySummers @hardymilts @Alice_Iceflower @ThomasBerryman @RoshelleD @Red_Harvey @ChristopherArmstron8 @BellaBelk @Zobrius @RoshelleD @SimoneFar @RosalynWrites @Emmalee_Sky @SarahWeaver6 @02K30C1 @JeffreyVonHauger @andasalwaysanyoneelseimissed @Nablai @sacredlilac @sleepingdraco @BrianScottPauls @nosleneillor @MbekoSifolo @Wuckster @painebook

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Should be another great year for TK.


Looking forward to so many of these!!! :confetti_ball: :fireworks: :clinking_glasses:


I’m so happy to be back with TK and y’all :slight_smile: Ooorah! :tada:

TouchWood! :crossed_fingers:

Wish everyone a happy New Year :bouquet: How are all of you doing? :slight_smile:


I enjoyed the challenges.

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@MadMikeMarsbergen Thank you so much, Mike! :heart: This was something totally unexpected. You just made my day! =]
You named a series of sub-genre related articles after me–Nablai’s Nebula! I’m so honoured, Mike! :slight_smile:



No problem at all. Keep 'em coming!


I’m loving the response we’ve been getting to challenges as of late, so I expect those will be staying!


I’m totally in for biopunk and desert punk! A little late but happy new year everyone


I will. I definitely will, Mike :slight_smile: Count on that! =]

@jinnis Completed my Hindi translation, Jinnis :slight_smile:

@elveloy I’ll start the translation of your short story into Hindi as soon as I reach my judging deadline and a couple of beta-reviews, Vera :slight_smile: Hope that’s okay with you!


Thanks Nab! Appreciate this! Translations are now starting to run in…

Anyone here who wants to play in the translation games for TK international4? Looking for all kind of languages, the more, the merrier! It’s a really short 100-word story, so nothing too challenging.


I loved translating it, Jinnis! :slight_smile:


That’s what I heard from a few others. It’s a really fun piece we got this year.


@MadMikeMarsbergen When do you want the SolarPunk article, Mike? And… should I send you my Hindi poem for the translation games issue now? Or you’d rather want it in the first week of Feb? I’ve my poem ready and hope to start the article as soon as I’ve completed my judging assignments, Mike :slight_smile:

On second thoughts, anyone excited for the ONC? I am… It’d be my first time participating and I’m so stoked! :slight_smile:

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Send the stuff, Nab, I’m putting the issue together as it comes in, the earlier the better!


Sure :slight_smile: Count me in for any help, Jinnis! :heart: I’d love to be of help in any way possible =]

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Done =]