Ooorah! Tevun-Krus interviews - Looking for Spotlight Authors!


These are some really interesting/difficult questions! Looking forward to taking a crack at them.

This looks really interesting! Submitted my form not long ago :smile:

I’m quite daunted by some of those questions O_o I was totally going to fill it out tonight but now I must go and meditate on my answers lol!

Where are the spotlight questions? I mean just in case, no suggestiveness.

I hate public speaking just for that reason, lack of preparedness.

You’ve already been featured as a Spotlight Author, so…

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Yea that’s right I forgot. my mistake.

It occurred to me that some of us filled out that form quite some time ago @MadMikeMarsbergen perhaps as the new head honcho of Ooorah you should consider revisiting some of the older spotlight authors. Kinda a ‘what are you up to now’ thing. If nothing else it would be interesting to hear some updates on what they are doing. Perhaps you could get that fool @AngusEcrivain to fill one out. Or maybe even that reclusive hermit @TheOrangutan. Anyways, just a thought.

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At some point we will likely be forced to revisit previous Spotlight Authors, but for now I’m sure we can find new people, some who may even wish to write a story or two for an issue.

Alrighty, I’ve taken the plunge. Maybe one day I’ll feel brave enough to contribute in other ways. ;D

… who are you again? :thinking:

@Ooorah is the named account that is in direct control of the E-zine we refer to as “T.K.”. This is a thread that is used by the crew members (writers/poor under appreciated bastards) and the executive officers (stange unnamed weirdos/power hungery madmen/some guy with an internet connection/editor in chief) of the ‘Mothership’.

There is always an opening for a new writer. (Shrugs) As a matter of fact the mothership is always looking for new blood…so you can bring a friend.

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You’re either new to Wattpad, or you’ve been living in a cave in Afghanistan.

Cave? In Afghanistan? What a hopeless optimist you are.

I’d say a cave in Antartica. At least Afganistan gets SOME news.